Tuesday, January 23, 2007


But I guess I've been pretty busy and not thinking much about writing to the world. HMMMMM let's see, I officially changed my name... Which feels weird. I didn't think it would feel weird, but it does. Like somehow I'm a different person, like I lost a part of my identity. It feels and looks strange to see my new name, and I really have to think when I sign something. But I am officially married with a new name! :) So thats an exciting piece of my life.

Work is the usual busy and yet nothing new. I had a patient yesterday who had come into the hospital because of a change in mental status. She also had an infection and unsteady walking and they thought she might have had a stroke. When I saw her I asked her some orientation questions. Where are you, what day is it etc. She knew exactly where she was down to the floor and room number. When I asked her if she remembered why she was in the hospital she told me "i have an infection, but they all think I'm cuckoo! and I'm not cuckoo!!!

So there's not too much more to write about. If inspiration strikes I'll update. Have a Happy NEEEEEWWWW YEAR!!!!!