Sunday, April 29, 2007

Color! Color! Color! Color! Color! Color! Color! Color!

Now that we're on the way to actually OWNING a home, I am really excited to PAINT IT!!!!!! I am completely tired of white white white walls. I want COLOR COLOR COLOR!!! And so my time lately has been spent looking at paint colors and trying to decide which rooms get painted which colors, because if I can help it I don't want a shred of stark white paint in this house. I want color or at least a light shade of something other than hospital white anywhere that there is paint. I am bored to pieces with white paint on the walls. Plus I wear tan/khaki and black @ work, so I've really been feeling the need for color.

So here are some of my ideas.

I'd love to do my kitchen in RED. I think kitchens should be bright and happy places to be. And I love to cook and bake as we well know, so I really want a bright space to do it in. Rob on the other hand isn't so happy about red. He thinks its a bit TOO much color. He wants to do yellow. I like yellow, and it's a great kitchen color, but I'm a little tired of it at the same time. Yellow is getting boring for me. I had a yellow bedroom at two different times growing up, when I was young, and then again as I got older after college etc, for the brief like six months I was at home anyway. But the yellow is still there. (There was turquoise in between, I can't believe I had a turquoise room! OY!) My parents have a yellow kitchen too. Yellow is almost too common a color for a kitchen. It fulfills the bright and open feeling of a room, but I want to do somethig a bit different. Green I'd like to do as a warm color in the bedroom, not a super bright color in the kitchen. Blues are ok, I could live with shades closer to a royal blue, but I don't want to get too close to the turquoise route again, and I don't like purple shades. Neither do I like orange. So a red feels to be to be perfect for a bright kitchen. Not too too orangy bright red, but a vibrant rich color that can be both bright and welcoming and not TOO shocking. That's my vision anyway. Whether we do it is another.

I like bright primary colors, Rob like warmer more subdued colors. And I do like them too, but there's a place for rich warmth and therea a place for vibrant happy cheer you up colors.

I definately like a green for the bedroom, I think we've decided on a good shade, a warm not too dark green that gives a lot of color without feeling oppressive and closing you in, or it does on the computer simulations anyway.

The second bedroom is a blank space right now, we may wait to fully decorate it until its function is more clearly determined.

The living room has great cedar paneling which is really warm and well.... woodsy! I like that, a bit of nature into the house, sort of. Upstairs hallways and stairs not a bright color, but not white. Something light to complement the wood. The difference from white to a shade of a light color is amazing. (I've been watching a lot of redecorating and home type shows on the Discovery Channel, TLC, and HGTV. I've learned so much!)

Anyway, so that's whats been on my mind lately. Color Color Color. I'm getting excited about moving and decorating my own space and having more space... It's going to be great.

and as someone commented in my last post, housewarming party?? (Adam is that you???) When we're settled and unpacked, yes I definately want to have people over. And I'll be walking distance (a bit over a mile) from shul, which I am SO excited about. I'm really looking forwards to being so much closer. So come for Shabbat too! I'm so excited to have the space (and the wet bar in the lower level)(Gotta have those L'Chaim's!) to entertain!


Sunday, April 22, 2007


Well, receiving a comment on my Tefillin Barbie post and replying to it gave emt he idea to write a quickie (oh baby!!!!) post before I go to schluffland.

I'm not sure how much this link will last but here's a slideshow of pictures from the wedding. :)
I have more pics on pictage which should be up for another couple of months, if you want the password to see all the proofs (all six-hundred-something of them) lemme know and I'll send you the password.
In the meantime

You can watch the slide-show!

I think our photographer did a pretty awesome job. I'm really happy with the pics! :)

More news... Rob and I are buying a condo! We signed the contract this past Thursday and we close @ the end of May, but we are the proud soon to be new owners of a very nice condo. :) Close to our shul and relatively affordable considering where we live and really nice inside. There levels, hardwood floors, cedar paneling in the living room, fireplace, a 16 foot tall builtin bookcase on the wall of the landing of the stair case up to the second floor, relatively new kitchen and bathrooms, a finished basement complete with a wet-bar, our little postage stamp backyard, and the best part, more than double the space we have now! Rob made a little website with pictures.

Check them out!

So theres some news to be going on with, hoping all are well out there in internetland.
Maybe I'll BLOG again soon, maybe not, I'll see how I feel.
Nite Nite!!!