Wednesday, September 20, 2006

33 Days to go......

Have you sent back your response card yet????

Still a million things to do, but that's down from about 5 million so I guess it's progress.

Quality Award

Well, I didn't win the quality award of the month, but I found out who nominated me and why...

Not the greatest picture inthw world but i figure it's being displayed in the hospital as a nominee and on the hospitals intranet, I may as well spread the joy!

Carie Levine, PT - Physical Medicine

“Carie went above and beyond the call of duty in a most gracious manner. I was searching desperately at the very last moment for a Physical Therapist to speak to my support group. Carie, without hesitation, readily agreed, grabbed a few sheets of exercises with pictures and instructions and came downstairs to my group. She proceeded to interact easily and warmly with the group. She reviewed and demonstrated the exercises which were appropriate for those ambulatory or wheelchair bound and those with a hemiparesis or without. The group members were thrilled and very receptive. We want to express sincere appreciation for such an outstanding and impromptu in-service.”

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!

I know I haven't been posting, I'm sorry, I always mean to because SO MUCH is happening, but BECAUSE so much is happening I have absolutely no time to BLOG about it! I FINALLY just finished organizing the second post of my Bridal shower, which was a month and half ago... And as soon as Stoofie and Marin and anyone else who took pictures sends me the pics from my cake decorating bachelorette party, I can post those too! (My sister knows me SO WELL!!!)

Anyways, I'm getting married in exactly (according to FORTY DAYS!!!
And if you've ever planned a wedding I'm sure you know about the stress and business that comes with the last few weeks..... Fittings, meetings, opening your mail to see who's responded (I LOVE THAT!) ufrufs.... It's all been HIGHLY busy and stressful. I'm a big bundle of stressball. I'm sure it'll be all worth it and wonderful but in the meantime.... PLUS work has been crazy these last few weeks as well. I've had some tough patients, tougher families, and a short staff. For example, I had a patient have a seizure during my treatment today. She was ok and it was handled well, and not unexpected (she has brain mets) :( but it's just par for the course at this point.

ANYWAYS, speaking of meetings, it's time to drive an hour and a half to go meet with my videographer for our final pre-edit session. WHEEE!!!!!

Being Showered Part 2: Who Was There

Ok, so now you've seen all the stuff that went into making my shower you need to see who was there! A small group of family and close friends, it was perfect. :)

Me and Stoofie! The Bride and Maid of Honor! My sister went ALL out for me on this one, more about that in another post. THANKS STOOFIE!!!

Me and Mommy and Stoofie. Here's where we thank Mommy for all her hard work!

And here's me and Ann, Rob's mother. It was very nice to see her and introduce her to my family!

Ann came with Haley, Allan's (Rob's Stepfather) grandaughter.
She was spending part of her summer vacation with Ann and Allan and she came along to the shower! We had fun!

The Sperber Gals!
Aunt Renee, My mom (Helene) and my Aunt Marcia.
Or as Grandpa Danny would say, in his way, "The Three Dummies!" :)

I get to be a Sperber Gal in this one! (But not a dummy, Grandpa never called me that) :)

Okey, All my aunts and cousins from my Mom's side of the family. Lets see...
Top row left to right: Roxy, Mom, Aunt Marcia, Jodi, Stefanie.
Bottom row left to right:Allison, Aunt Renee, Zina, Kara.

Me and Stoofie with our two cousins from our Dad's side. Faith and Marin. Even though almost three of us have changed/are changing their last name, we're still the LEVINEIES!!!

The Levinies with my Dad's cousin Karen. :)

Another Levinie picture, this time including my Mom and my Aunt Roberta!
Daddy, at the start of everything looking all out of place. Luckily Uncle Billy rescued him and took Daddy and Rob to do some MANLY things, like fix things around the house and eat BBQ!

Cousin and Cousin-In-Law (Which is just as good!)
Zina and Allison

Sisters, and my cousins Kara and Jodi!
I REALLY like this picture, it's a great one of them.

Mom and her long lost but now found again friend Ilene! Our families used to be really great friends until they moved to Fla and we lost touch. And then they met up again totally randomly in Lord and Taylor! And now the friendship goes on... :) YAY for re-found friendships!

Mommy and Holly who has been her best friend from like before the beginning of time!

And of course, for our last picture, we have to have one of Marin counting the Jelly Bellys! I ALMOST had this really great shot of her with the jar up over her head and her leaning back and looking up and counting, and then she looked down JUST as I was taking the picture and now it looks like she's posing for the picture. Oh well. It's still a fun picture! And the Jelly Bellies were YUMMY!!

And those are all the loverly women who showered me!!!
Next, (when I get some time to sort through all of those pics...) Stoofies BIG surprise presentation! It was AWESOME!!!