Monday, May 05, 2008

Someone told me this weekend that they miss reading my BLOG.

So for her, I'm putting a quickie update with a few extra minutes before I have to go get Rob from the train. I'll introduce the world to our new dog. Her name is Samantha, but I call her Shmoo.

This is Shmoo. She's a Kerry Blue Terrier, daughter to Rob's father's dog. Atypical coloring as Kerry Blue's usually have coloring the shade of grey blue of her beard. Atypical personality because she is sweet, shy and NEVER barks!

Shmoo loves to lounge on our bed.

Isn't she sweet!?!?!?!?

Rob loves her.

Here she is getting a bath. (I swear it's like she's our first child with bath time pictures and everything!)

She doesn't like bathtime too much.

All wet.

Ring around the Shmoo!

All clean and dry and happy in Rob's Sweatshirt!

So that's a bit about Samantha. She's wonderful. And on that note, it's time to go get Rob from the train. Have a good night!