Thursday, August 31, 2006

Being Showered Part 1: All the Setup STUFF!

My Bridal Shower was almost a month ago but I've been waiting for some photos before I BLOGged about it. And then I realized I had SO many photos that I needed to break it all up otherwise the post would be way too long and boring.

My Mom and my Sister put SO MUCH effort into planning the shower and they did a fantabulous job. They completely WOWed me with all the effort they put into every little teensy detail of the shower. My Mom handmade practically everything from the sign in book to the welcome sign to the favors and invitations to the table decorations.... and the list goes on and on and on and on....

This first shower post is some of all the STUFF that she did. The rest will come later in the timeline. YAY for Mommy and all the hard work and effort she put into all of this!!!

The invitation, with my mom's Recipe for a Happy Marriage ( I should copy that out at some point) and a recipe card so people could give me recipes to cook with! (Mom themed it cooking and baking and of course I was thrilled with that!)

These are some more of the stuff she designed, including a magnet with a chocolate quote on it. She had two quotes.

"If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet??"


"Put eat chocolate at the top of your list of things to do today.
That way you'll get one thing done."

My bridal shower sign in book! Mommy made some great pages using all of her scrapbooking stuff and the book was just beautiful.

Here's the back of the book. Complete witha picture of me and Rob! YAY!!!!

Here's a view of the book from the side!

And here it is on the table with the Brdal doll that Norma made for me. She's beautiful and so amazingly special!!!!! People really went out of their way and did so much for me for my shower. I'm really amazed and grateful and happy to be so loved.

And here's the doll welcoming everyone to MY BRIDAL SHOWER!!! :)

The whole welcome table set up, complete with the table tags my mom made.

A close up of the table tags.

Stoofie and Zina setting up the tags! YAY for table tags!!!

That's Mom, setting up, running around trying to get it all done before everyone arrives!!

A close up of one of the tables with candle's and magnets as favors. The candles all smelled like different types of cakes! YUMMY!!!

A far away view of a table...

A further away view of a different table....

And last but not least, a head on view of a table!

More to come! Stay tuned!!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chasers - Trojan Horse

I saw this on the news this morning. It was their YOUTUBE video of the week. Funny. :) Gave me a great morning laugh. ENJOY!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quickie Post

I've been busy, wedding STUFF... Nuff said. There's only 56 DAYS!!!! ARGHHHH!!! I've gots to get cracking on A LOT of little STUFF!!!

Rob and I went to the moooooovies last night, we saw Little Miss Sunshine which was AWESOME! (NOT for kids though the name might make it seem like that) We ROLLED through it. Serious, but HYSTERICAL! I HIGHLY recommend it. Highly. It was really great. Entertaining, thought provoking and funny. :)

Okey, gots to run, busy busy busy. I'll leave you with this...

Where's your grandpa now?
In the trunk of our car.....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dumb Dumb Dumb, but it made me SMILE!!! :)

I called a nursing home today to find out the prior mobility status of a patient. We get that often enough, a patient comes in from a home and we get a therapy consult and have no clue as to what they were doing prior so we have nothing to compare it to, especially as patients from nursing homes are often demented and can’t give a history.

Anyway, so I called today and they transferred me to the floor and the nurse answered, and the conversation went as follows:

Hi I’m Carie Levine, I’m a physical therapist @ ………

What’s the name again?

Carie Levine

Carie Levine, Carie Levine, I don’t have a Carie Levine on this floor!

No…… That’s MY NAME!!!!!

That really made me smile, and just as the universe works, a smile came just when I needed it! :)

Hope it made you smile too!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Roll of Film Part 3

My Desk!!

When I first started working here one of the best parts of the job was my own desk with my own computer! It's AWESOME to have my own little space where I can write notes or do other paperwork, keep books and papers, have pictures to look at, keep food around if I need it. My own desk is WAY better than my labcoat. Even though I do miss all those pockets. But giving up the pockets was totally worth my desk. :) I took pictures for the sole purpose of showing y'all that I get excited over really strange things!

A picture the long way. I have a shelf up top and drawers down below, and even one of those adjustable keyboard thingies. Plus the bulletin board and magnet space to put stuff up!

Closer up of my desk :) I have this picture set as my wallpaper on my computer on my desk at work. The other therapists keep laughing at me but I love it! YAY for my desk!

The Therapists office. We all have our own little space. There are a few desks behind me that I couldn't fit in the picture too.

Yes I know I'm nuts, but getting happy over the little things keeps life interesting. :)

Random Roll of Film Part 2

My Superbowl cupcakes!!! It took forever to make them, vanilla icing and lots of food coloring. I had fun though. Cupcake art. :)

Sleepy Rob! He took a picture of me sleeping once so here he is. He looks kinda cute all bundled up like that! :) TEE HEE!!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Random Roll of Film 1

I finally developed this roll of film which has been in my camera for at least a year. YES I still use film. But the things I found on it!!!

I meant to post these when I finally got the roll developed.
Almost a year ago I went to Boston to visit Shriners Childrens Burns Hospital and learn more about P.T. treatment for burns, spilintng, and other general stuff. it was a great trip. I made a weekend out of it and I took these pictures while I was there. I thought they were cute enough to snap a shot and they gave me a laugh enough to want to share them.

Somebody thought it was amusing to give Ben Franklin RollerSkates!

A close up of the same. :)

The same person (or at least I'm assuming it's the same person) put wooly boots on the other guy in the courtyard with these 2 statues. I forget who it is a statue of. But it made me smile all the same.

Hope it did the same for you!!!

Have a grrrrrreat day!