Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Roll of Film Part 3

My Desk!!

When I first started working here one of the best parts of the job was my own desk with my own computer! It's AWESOME to have my own little space where I can write notes or do other paperwork, keep books and papers, have pictures to look at, keep food around if I need it. My own desk is WAY better than my labcoat. Even though I do miss all those pockets. But giving up the pockets was totally worth my desk. :) I took pictures for the sole purpose of showing y'all that I get excited over really strange things!

A picture the long way. I have a shelf up top and drawers down below, and even one of those adjustable keyboard thingies. Plus the bulletin board and magnet space to put stuff up!

Closer up of my desk :) I have this picture set as my wallpaper on my computer on my desk at work. The other therapists keep laughing at me but I love it! YAY for my desk!

The Therapists office. We all have our own little space. There are a few desks behind me that I couldn't fit in the picture too.

Yes I know I'm nuts, but getting happy over the little things keeps life interesting. :)

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