Sunday, December 21, 2008

I suppose I can post it here too...

Just for the sake of posting something here.  Still trying to find time....  Facebook has just been so much easier, I can just write Carie is...  Blah Blah Blah and I'm done.  Here I always feel the need to write something and proofread it and make it perfect and all that.  But since the news is all over everywhere else, and I have a few procrastinating minutes when I SHOULD be folding 8 loads of laundry, I'll put it here too.  

I'M PREGNANT!!!  WHOO HOO!!!!  (I love saying that!)

Ok, pictures...

This was our first sonogram picture of out "Little Bean."  I was almost 8 weekss at the time. We've been calling the baby Little Bean because that's what the OB called it when I mentioned that it was the size of a coffee bean when she said it was about a centimeter long.  The name stuck.  And since we are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT FINDING OUT THE SEX before it is born on or around June 26,2009, Rob and I decided that Little Bean would be a good in-utero/Pre-Bris/Simchat Bat name to use.  I digress.  Anyway, at this point, we were able to see the heartbeat when she did the sonogram, and we sort of saw the teeny little arms & legs waving.  But the still picture just looks like a cute grain of rice.  :)  We were still absolutely elated with it though.

This one was taken at 11 weeks during our Nuchal Translucency Screening.  (A test that consists of an ultrasound & 2 blood tests to determine the baby's risk for Downs Syndrome & other similar disorders)  The baby is doing wonderful, the OB called it "a star" because the test results were fine. Risks of such disorders were way lower than even the average risk.  Whoo Hoo for Little Bean!  Beating expectations & being better than average already!  (No pressure though)  But we could see SO much at this stage, hands fully formed & waving, legs kicking, face, heart with all 4 chambers, body, it was completely amazing.  And Little Bean was rocking around in my uterus so much you would have though there was a dance party in there.  It wouldn't stay still for the Oscar the ultrasound guy to get a good measurement & heart rate.

So now I'm 13 weeks and still feeling queasy.  But that's better than nausea & vomiting to the point where nothing would stay down 24/7.  I'd love to find the person who named it "Morning Sickness" and make them live through a first trimester like mine.  It was icky.  But while I'm still not feeling great, I'm definitely better than I was, and very much looking forwards to the 2nd trimester and hopefully the end of all the nausea.  

And that's my big news!  YAY!!!!!