Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No real post today

I am too tired.  Been up early and worked long days this week.  Very tired. More next time maybe.  Nite Nite and Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Decision to Make...

I have yet to decide how I want to BLOG about my daughter. Most of you out there are friends and family- or I assume so. But I know there are people out there who I don’t know. And that’s the fun of BLOGging. That’s one reason why I do it. I want to meet random people and know them through their BLOGs. Almost like pen-pals in a way. BLOGging is a way, or was a way before Facebook came along and took over the world- was a way to let my family and friends know what I was up to. Then Facebook took over and I began to solely post there. I post on Facebook all the time about my daughter and post pictures. But then again, I have my settings set to friends only and only the people I want to see the photos can see them. I used to post very openly and without fear about Rob and I. And now I’m hesitant. Motherhood does that to you I think. You want to protect your little one as much as you can. But you don’t want to overprotect either. And someone recently made a comment on my last two years ago post asking for pictures of her and not just the pictures of the ultrasound. And while all that was the jumpstart to BLOGging again- something I have been thinking about anyway, but still it was the jumpstart. And I don’t know who you are, but it seemed a little random. Because anyone who would read this, or even know about my BLOG two years later would probably be my friend on Facebook and therefore would already have seen her many pictures. So have you been checking my BLOG hoping for an update for two years? Did you find me randomly? Did you find me off of a comment off of another BLOG? I don’t know. But it got me thinking and then my Ima instincts kicked in and I wondered if BLOGging about her was a bad idea or not.

So I’m thinking I have a few options. I may give her a pseudonym, or I may use her name but not post pictures. Or I may just BLOG about my life like I used to BLOG about my life full on and full force and with no worries and that’s that. I haven’t decided yet. Did I say that already? Anyway... I miss BLOGging because I miss expanding on an experience and not figuring out how to put it in the third person in a certain number of words. Plus Facebook just isn’t what it used to be. There are a number of reasons for this. This may or may not get its own post. But I digress yet again.

So I’m not sure how to BLOG about my Little Bean. My Milk Monster. Our Munchkin Scrunchkin. My adorable drive you crazy Tazmanian Devil Toddler. My extremely sweet and yet beyond stubborn little girl who is a really good and happy kid- except when she’s not. There are so many things I want to say and stories I can tell. Like how she has now learned the word “no.” And how when she says it she draws it out and makes it two plus syllables “NOOOOOOOO-Wuh!!!” Or her dimples. Or how she crunches up and laughs when I ask her where her belly button is. Or about the time when I was tickling her and tickling her and she kept saying/signing “MORE!” every time I stopped. And finally when I just decided to ask her “More what?” She tickled herself and fell into my lap laughing. There are so many things I can tell. But with her name? With a picture? I don’t know. I’ll figure it out I’m sure. Eventually. In the meantime I may just nix the pix and use a nickname. But Please bear with me until I figure it out.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Adventure... Sort of....

SOOOOOOOO I cancelled all my morning patients in Stamford and hoped that I could see a couple of local patients here in Norwalk this afternoon. because if I didn't see a couple today there is NO way I'm getting through the rest of the week. I managed to see 2 patients today. One was easy, to get to- right on a secondary road, no problems. Except she pooped on herself and I had to clean her up. But that's another story. Actually it's not. It was yucky, I cleaned her up and that was that. Juuuuuuust like being back in the hospital.

The second patient who lives only a few blocks away from the first patient was more of a problem. Her street wasn't plowed yet. I got stuck getting to her house, but I got out of it pretty easily by going back and forth a bunch of times. I made it to her house and did her treatment. When I left was when the problem started. I figured that I got in ok so I would be able to get out ok. WRONG!

I backed out from the driveway into the street. And proceeded to get stuck. And more stuck. And then even more stuck! I got out of the car and undug my wheels. And then I tried again, and I got even more stuck. One of the neighbors called out to me and offered to lend me a shovel. I dug out, I drove 10 feet and got stuck again. ACK!!! I walked down the road to where I saw a private plow and some men shoveling. Most of the men ignored me (really nice right?) and the plow was gone by the time I made it down the block. One man helped me. He brought over his shovel and dug me out and dug a path behind me to someones driveway. Then another young man came out and they both together pushed me out and into a random driveway which luckily was dug out. The second guy said he saw the plows coming a little while ago doing a neighboring street and they usually did this one next. So I waited it out. And sure enough a few minutes later the plow came by. Except that he plowed me in. By this time the man with the shovel had gone so I was trying to dig my way out with my feet. And who should come along but the guy who owns the house. And he starts yelling at me what am I doing in his driveway and am I crazy and all that. I try to explain it to him that I was stuck and his neighbors pushed me there because it was the nearest place to go to wait for the plow and I was really sorry and that I'll be gone as soon as I get the snow drift in front of my car moved. Then he realizes the plow plowed in his driveway and all the work he did this morning was for nothing etc etc and he starts cursing the plow people and me. But then the plow comes back for a second round up the street and the man yelling at me is in the way. So then the plow people and the man start yelling at each other F you this and F off that. I was so embarrassed that I caused all this mess.

And then I see the private plow guy again and I run over to him and ask him please please PLEASE can he just move the small drift in front of my car so I can get out of this guys driveway and he can get out of the plows way and we can stop world war 3 from happening over a snowplow and a truck??? The private plow guy was very nice and he moved the bit of snow and I got my behind out of there and left the man and the plow people to scream at each other.

I made my way down the street and almost didn't get up a hill. ACK! That's all I needed- to get myself unstuck only to not make it up a hill! So I backed down and prayed that I could get enough momentum to get up and WHEW! I made it. I was so happy to be home and not out in the snow!

I REALLY hope things are better tomorrow because I have an early patient in the back woods of North Stamford up a hill and I really hope I can get there!

I always maintain that if it's going to snow it should snow a WHOLE LOT or else it shouldn't bother because otherwise it's just a mess. But I forgot about how much of a mess 18 inches of snow creates! And that's my snow adventure for today. Time now to get the toddler from climbing on my legs and feed her supper. I hope everyone is safe and sound and not stuck in the snow! Nite Nite for now!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Luckily I didn't have to go out today. I was SUPPOSED to do a start of care, but she cancelled. This is good as it's SNOWING! Not to mention I HATE starts of care. Evil things that take hours upon hours. And will I suppose one day get their own BLOG post. But for now YAY for not having to drive in the snow! And conditions are supposed to get worse and be blizzard like with accumulations of 12-18 inches expected by tomorrow. I am hoping I can see my patients tomorrow. But for now I am glad that I can stay in the house and not venture out into the white stuff. I went food shopping this morning because isn't it my luck that I ran out of milk on a Sunday morning right before a blizzard? But I had to go so I went. It was a MADHOUSE! And then waiting and waiting and waiting on line the person in front of me first realized that she couldn't find her credit card as she was trying to check out. I want to know why she didn't use the 10 minutes she was waiting in line to get her stuff ready? And then I got picked for the random "just making sure you are not stealing when you use the personal scanner thingy check" Which took additional time. I do love those personal scanner thingys but I don't like the random checks. It's the few who ruin it for the many.... Anyway.... I survived and I am using the rest of day to clean, spend family time, and put away too small baby clothes and no longer played with baby toys into rubbermaid tubs and into the attic. Oh yes, and nap. I must nap. Now, while the baby is napping....

In that case I hope anyone who reads this is having a nice day and either enjoying the snow or enjoying hiding from the snow. And if it's not snowing where you are, I hope you are having a nice day anyway. Till Next time. Bye Bye!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I want to be BLOGging again....

But work is getting in the way. Today I did a start of care, a resumption of care and an agency discharge. If you don't know what that means, it means about 6 hours of patient care and then about 12 hours of paperwork. I have 2 patient treatments tomorrow and 2 therapy evaluations. I get a break for Shabbat. I have another start of care on Sunday. THEN I have to figure out how to fit all of these into my schedule for next week. HA!!!!!! being on call Christmas weekend is a nightmare!

I'll try to post something about my life from the last 2 years later this weekend. If I'm awake that is.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I haven't done this in awhile. 2 years in fact. To the day. (Which is just a funny coincidence)

But after all this time I got a comment on my last post. Which got me thinking and wondering if people are still actually reading my long abandoned but not forgotten BLOG. I checked my visitor counter and noticed an up-spike in visits to my BLOG recently. So I got to thinking about how people got here. I used to BLOG very regularly and I guess I had a fairly decent readership. But I dropped off for varying reasons over the past few years and I haven't posted anything in quite a long time. So I wondered how my visits spiked???

I like to read BLOGs of others and I have commented on a few lately signing in with my Blogger ID which would lead people here. I wonder if there might still be people out there who like me are interested in reading a "random postings on varied aspects of my life" BLOG?

I wonder if I have the extra time to spend BLOGging again. I always found it nice to be able to share and vent and post and "meet" other random people from around the internet. Maybe I'll throw my stuff out there to the internet universe again. I liked BLOGging when I did BLOG in the past. And I did it for a long time. And then life got a little crazy and I stopped. I spent some time this evening reading through some older posts. And I realize how amazingly different my life is now then it was a few years ago. I could write a million posts on how my life changed in the past 2 years. And a million more on my patients. And a million more jokes and pictures and other random things. And about 10 million about my daughter, dog, or Rob.

Anyway, this is the round and round working of decision making in my brain. I think I might start BLOGging again. For me. And for you. And for fun. But I always like to know who is out there. So feel free to send along a comment at any time to say hi, introduce yourself, and tell me how you got here. Do you have a BLOG I could read? What do you like to read about on a BLOG?

And on that note my nose smells a poopy diaper. (Oh my life is SO different from how it was the last time I BLOGged) Time to pluck the toddler from her pile 'o books and toys and change a diaper. Or given the time, take off the diaper, giver her a bath and put her to sleep. More another time!