Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I haven't done this in awhile. 2 years in fact. To the day. (Which is just a funny coincidence)

But after all this time I got a comment on my last post. Which got me thinking and wondering if people are still actually reading my long abandoned but not forgotten BLOG. I checked my visitor counter and noticed an up-spike in visits to my BLOG recently. So I got to thinking about how people got here. I used to BLOG very regularly and I guess I had a fairly decent readership. But I dropped off for varying reasons over the past few years and I haven't posted anything in quite a long time. So I wondered how my visits spiked???

I like to read BLOGs of others and I have commented on a few lately signing in with my Blogger ID which would lead people here. I wonder if there might still be people out there who like me are interested in reading a "random postings on varied aspects of my life" BLOG?

I wonder if I have the extra time to spend BLOGging again. I always found it nice to be able to share and vent and post and "meet" other random people from around the internet. Maybe I'll throw my stuff out there to the internet universe again. I liked BLOGging when I did BLOG in the past. And I did it for a long time. And then life got a little crazy and I stopped. I spent some time this evening reading through some older posts. And I realize how amazingly different my life is now then it was a few years ago. I could write a million posts on how my life changed in the past 2 years. And a million more on my patients. And a million more jokes and pictures and other random things. And about 10 million about my daughter, dog, or Rob.

Anyway, this is the round and round working of decision making in my brain. I think I might start BLOGging again. For me. And for you. And for fun. But I always like to know who is out there. So feel free to send along a comment at any time to say hi, introduce yourself, and tell me how you got here. Do you have a BLOG I could read? What do you like to read about on a BLOG?

And on that note my nose smells a poopy diaper. (Oh my life is SO different from how it was the last time I BLOGged) Time to pluck the toddler from her pile 'o books and toys and change a diaper. Or given the time, take off the diaper, giver her a bath and put her to sleep. More another time!

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