Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Decision to Make...

I have yet to decide how I want to BLOG about my daughter. Most of you out there are friends and family- or I assume so. But I know there are people out there who I don’t know. And that’s the fun of BLOGging. That’s one reason why I do it. I want to meet random people and know them through their BLOGs. Almost like pen-pals in a way. BLOGging is a way, or was a way before Facebook came along and took over the world- was a way to let my family and friends know what I was up to. Then Facebook took over and I began to solely post there. I post on Facebook all the time about my daughter and post pictures. But then again, I have my settings set to friends only and only the people I want to see the photos can see them. I used to post very openly and without fear about Rob and I. And now I’m hesitant. Motherhood does that to you I think. You want to protect your little one as much as you can. But you don’t want to overprotect either. And someone recently made a comment on my last two years ago post asking for pictures of her and not just the pictures of the ultrasound. And while all that was the jumpstart to BLOGging again- something I have been thinking about anyway, but still it was the jumpstart. And I don’t know who you are, but it seemed a little random. Because anyone who would read this, or even know about my BLOG two years later would probably be my friend on Facebook and therefore would already have seen her many pictures. So have you been checking my BLOG hoping for an update for two years? Did you find me randomly? Did you find me off of a comment off of another BLOG? I don’t know. But it got me thinking and then my Ima instincts kicked in and I wondered if BLOGging about her was a bad idea or not.

So I’m thinking I have a few options. I may give her a pseudonym, or I may use her name but not post pictures. Or I may just BLOG about my life like I used to BLOG about my life full on and full force and with no worries and that’s that. I haven’t decided yet. Did I say that already? Anyway... I miss BLOGging because I miss expanding on an experience and not figuring out how to put it in the third person in a certain number of words. Plus Facebook just isn’t what it used to be. There are a number of reasons for this. This may or may not get its own post. But I digress yet again.

So I’m not sure how to BLOG about my Little Bean. My Milk Monster. Our Munchkin Scrunchkin. My adorable drive you crazy Tazmanian Devil Toddler. My extremely sweet and yet beyond stubborn little girl who is a really good and happy kid- except when she’s not. There are so many things I want to say and stories I can tell. Like how she has now learned the word “no.” And how when she says it she draws it out and makes it two plus syllables “NOOOOOOOO-Wuh!!!” Or her dimples. Or how she crunches up and laughs when I ask her where her belly button is. Or about the time when I was tickling her and tickling her and she kept saying/signing “MORE!” every time I stopped. And finally when I just decided to ask her “More what?” She tickled herself and fell into my lap laughing. There are so many things I can tell. But with her name? With a picture? I don’t know. I’ll figure it out I’m sure. Eventually. In the meantime I may just nix the pix and use a nickname. But Please bear with me until I figure it out.

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