Sunday, December 26, 2010


Luckily I didn't have to go out today. I was SUPPOSED to do a start of care, but she cancelled. This is good as it's SNOWING! Not to mention I HATE starts of care. Evil things that take hours upon hours. And will I suppose one day get their own BLOG post. But for now YAY for not having to drive in the snow! And conditions are supposed to get worse and be blizzard like with accumulations of 12-18 inches expected by tomorrow. I am hoping I can see my patients tomorrow. But for now I am glad that I can stay in the house and not venture out into the white stuff. I went food shopping this morning because isn't it my luck that I ran out of milk on a Sunday morning right before a blizzard? But I had to go so I went. It was a MADHOUSE! And then waiting and waiting and waiting on line the person in front of me first realized that she couldn't find her credit card as she was trying to check out. I want to know why she didn't use the 10 minutes she was waiting in line to get her stuff ready? And then I got picked for the random "just making sure you are not stealing when you use the personal scanner thingy check" Which took additional time. I do love those personal scanner thingys but I don't like the random checks. It's the few who ruin it for the many.... Anyway.... I survived and I am using the rest of day to clean, spend family time, and put away too small baby clothes and no longer played with baby toys into rubbermaid tubs and into the attic. Oh yes, and nap. I must nap. Now, while the baby is napping....

In that case I hope anyone who reads this is having a nice day and either enjoying the snow or enjoying hiding from the snow. And if it's not snowing where you are, I hope you are having a nice day anyway. Till Next time. Bye Bye!

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