Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!

I know I haven't been posting, I'm sorry, I always mean to because SO MUCH is happening, but BECAUSE so much is happening I have absolutely no time to BLOG about it! I FINALLY just finished organizing the second post of my Bridal shower, which was a month and half ago... And as soon as Stoofie and Marin and anyone else who took pictures sends me the pics from my cake decorating bachelorette party, I can post those too! (My sister knows me SO WELL!!!)

Anyways, I'm getting married in exactly (according to weddingchannel.com) FORTY DAYS!!!
And if you've ever planned a wedding I'm sure you know about the stress and business that comes with the last few weeks..... Fittings, meetings, opening your mail to see who's responded (I LOVE THAT!) ufrufs.... It's all been HIGHLY busy and stressful. I'm a big bundle of stressball. I'm sure it'll be all worth it and wonderful but in the meantime.... PLUS work has been crazy these last few weeks as well. I've had some tough patients, tougher families, and a short staff. For example, I had a patient have a seizure during my treatment today. She was ok and it was handled well, and not unexpected (she has brain mets) :( but it's just par for the course at this point.

ANYWAYS, speaking of meetings, it's time to drive an hour and a half to go meet with my videographer for our final pre-edit session. WHEEE!!!!!

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