Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quality Award

Well, I didn't win the quality award of the month, but I found out who nominated me and why...

Not the greatest picture inthw world but i figure it's being displayed in the hospital as a nominee and on the hospitals intranet, I may as well spread the joy!

Carie Levine, PT - Physical Medicine

“Carie went above and beyond the call of duty in a most gracious manner. I was searching desperately at the very last moment for a Physical Therapist to speak to my support group. Carie, without hesitation, readily agreed, grabbed a few sheets of exercises with pictures and instructions and came downstairs to my group. She proceeded to interact easily and warmly with the group. She reviewed and demonstrated the exercises which were appropriate for those ambulatory or wheelchair bound and those with a hemiparesis or without. The group members were thrilled and very receptive. We want to express sincere appreciation for such an outstanding and impromptu in-service.”

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