Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Just dobedobedobedoing. Wasting time waiting for a meeting to start.
Just thought I'd say hi to the internet world. I have this weekend off! YAY!!! it'll be a hectic weekend, but nice to be off when I'm supposed to be working. :)

Saturday I am going to the wedding of one of my classmates from PT school, Anley. YAY for Anley!!! And Sunday I am going to the engagement party of my cousin Marin. YAY for Marin! Oh yeah and YAY for Jube, Anley's fiance and YAY for Darrell, Marin's fiance!

Lot's of weddings going on! Fun!


Ok, well my meeting is going to start soon, so I'll end this random saying not so much post.
More later!

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