Saturday, August 14, 2004


The Olympics have started!! YAY!!! I am an Olympics junkie. I love watching, and following everything, even sports that I don't usually follow. But I always think that it's amazing to see any sport played at that level. My favorites are swimming (Including synchronized and diving), and gymnastics, But I'll watch everything, volleyball, track stuff, soccer, fencing, everything, I just love the Olympics. :) Today i was watching the swimming, Michael Phelps won the 400 meter Individual Medley. I love the IM, it's a difficult, but great race to swim, and it's fun to watch. :) And YAY for Michael Phelps! :) And the Other USA competetor, I forgot his name won the silver! I'm not feeling so amazingly patriotic right now as I can't stand my president, and how he's running/ruining the country, but that's another story for another day, and I feel that the Olympics supercedes all that. GO USA!! :)

Rob and I watched the Opening Ceremonies last night. It was pretty cool. I love watching the parade of nations, to see all the athletes walk into the stadium, calebrating their accomplishments. There were some countries that I've never heard of, but thats ok. I love watching the parade of nations because I feel like for so many of the athletes there, THIS is their Olympic moment. So many aren't there to win, most live in small countries, sending small delegations, without huge and well funded Olympic programs. So to march into the stadium, wave their nations flag, and be proud of their accomplishments and that they get to represent their country is such an amazing honor and great moment. THAT'S what the Olympics are all about. I love to watch the joy on their faces, watch them celebrate and wave and enjoy and even have their own cameras to record their moment of joy.

Rob disagrees with me, he BLOGged, today that he thinks people should walk in orderly, with dignity and concentration and solemnity. I disagree. There are other times for order and steely faces. The opening ceremonies isn't it. I love the Olympics and I love the celebration of International sport. Lots of nations don't like the USA now, hell, I PERSONALLY don't like the USA now. But the crowd gave the athletes a warm welcome. They gave the Iraqi's a warmer welcome. People recognize the difference between a country and its leaders stupidity, and it's citizens and athletes. The Olympics is a time for fun and games and competition, so that the world may foster a friendly international community. I love that. And I love watching it all. :)

YAY for the Olympics! I will be glued to my TV as much as possible to watch the games. After all, it only happens every 4 years. WHOO HOO for the Olympics!!! :) :) :) :) :)


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