Monday, September 20, 2004

Busy Week

Well, I know it's been over a week since my last BLOG, but it's been a busy one...

Last Sunday Rob and I went hiking. We hiked in Nyack, NY, on the Long Path, up Hook Mountain. On the way, we were treated to AMAZING views of the Hudson River, from the top of Hook mountain, and others in its chain on the Long Path. We were hiking along a ridge that was just spectacular. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, sunny, and the views were amazing. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. But the hike wasn't to easy and not to hard either, so it was a really nice day.

Back to work on Monday and Tuesday. Same old, same old at work.

Tuesday evening/night I cleaned, cooked, and packed. Because early Wednesday morning, Rob and I went up to VT for Rosh Hashana. I made Pumpkin Bread, YUMMY! as Rob likes to say, and I made Kasha Varnishke's, because it wouldn't be Rosh Hashana without Kasha Varnishke's. So what are they? It's the kasha buckwheat with bowtie noodles and onions. BUT, they have to be cooked a certain way, My Grandmother's recipe is AWESOME! But the Kasha can be tricky. She didn't make it how it says to on the box, she cooks the kasha kind of like rice and then mixes it with the onions and bowties. It comes out better, BUT you have to be careful with he proportions of kasha and water because the Kasha can get overcooked and starchy and clumpy REALLY easily. But lucky me, my first time making it, and it came out PERFECTLY! I was SO PROUD!! And I was in HEAVEN eating it!!! YAY!!! Rob's comment, of course, was YUMMY!! And Rob made Cranberries, YAY!, and we were on our way to ring in the new year in VT.

We spent Wednesday driving and then in Manchester running errands etc., then went to Shul Wednesday night, and Thursday, and Friday. I have never actually been to Rosh Hashana services. I went to a children's service when I was younger, but not since I've been an adult and going to shul have I ever been to shul on Rosh Hashana. My parent's don't usually go to shul and since I always spent the holidays with family... I never went. I've been to Yom Kippur services starting in college, but never Rosh Hashana. The ONE time I had the opportunity, I stayed in Bingo for the holidays my Senior Year, I got sick and spent the whole holiday sleeping on the couch in the library of the Binghamton Chabad House. I was woken up for Shofar, Tashlich, and to eat. Luckily I had very good friends there to take care of me and Rabbi Slonim and his wife Rivky and family are all awesome people.

So I FINALLY got to go to services this year. It was very nice. The Shul in VT that Rob is a member is not 100% my style but it's nice, it is small and I liked that because it's more intimate and I find it easier to concentrate and pray and "beg for my life" as Rob puts it when there aren't a ton and a half of "3-Day-A-Year-Jews" in shul, most of whom don't pay attention. Not to knock these people, it's good that they have the connection to their religion and I'm glad they want to come to shul on the High Holidays, even if no other time during the year. My problem isn't with those who come with legitimate prayers on the High holidays, but with those who come only because they think they have to and end up talking and whispering with cell phones going off etc/ They make it harder for those who want to have a meaningful prayer experience to have that experience. And the High Holidays are an important spiritual time for those of us who want that meaningful experience. Or at least I feel that it is. Rob BLOGged last night about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and how it is a time to look deeper into ourselves and our lives. Read his BLOG, it's a good entry. Anyway, so there weren't as many of these "rude" people at this shul and I had a very relaxing and spiritual Holiday.

While in VT we visited with Rob's father and also with his brother. So that was nice too. AND we got to eat egg and cheese sandwiches from Mrs. Murphy's donut shop, with real VT Cheddar Cheese. YAY FOR CHEESE!!!! YUMMY YUMMY! Who knew such a simple sandwich could be soooo good and soooooo filling! We also spent time this weekend reading books and planning our vacation in SAN FRANCISCO in October!!! YAY!!! We're leaving in about 2 and a half weeks and I'm SO EXCITED!!!! Friday through Monday in the city, Monday through Tuesday in Sonoma, Tuesday through Thursday in Yosemite, and Thursday night through Sunday in the city again. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am, so I'll save that for another BLOG entry.

We came home on Saturday, drove in the RAIN, looking at peoples homes with newly made lakes in their front yards on Rte. 22, and cleaned and unpacked and relaxed. And Sunday I went to work, and that brings me to today. So I'm closing up day 2 of 5 work days in a row, which is unusual for me. But I'm off again on Friday for Yom Kippur. So Thursday night Rob and I are heading back up to VT to spend the holy day. I was there for Yom Kippur last year, it was very nice, some of the "rude" ones I spoke of earlier but mostly it was a very nice experience for me. Yom Kippur is a very difficult day physically and emotionally. But again, more about that in another BLOG. This one is long enough.

So that was my busy week, minus most of the details. It's been very nice. Hope everyone had a good week, I'm sorry it's been so long since I updated. Enjoy your week to come and L'Shana Tova!!!!

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