Sunday, October 31, 2004


I got a comment last night that Rob gives good BLOG. He does. And right now he is prancing around the apartment acting all cool and macho because he gives GOOD BLOG. :) I'm not sure if that was supposed to sound "dirty" or not, but it made us with dirty minds laugh. :) He cracks me up. That's why I love him :)

I hope that I can give "GOOD BLOG" too. I am certainly working towards it. I'm not a hugely politically minded person, so I'll leave the politics to Rob to BLOG about. Maybe that's what I should do, pick some hugely intense topic that I actually feel I know something about ie, stem cell research, health care benefits, other medical/PT stuff, and start a comments debate on my BLOG. Hmmm, I'll think about that one. Though I suppose those are political issues too.

Anyway, I hope that anyone reading will keep coming back, in the hopes that I can post good BLOG too. :)

And whoever you are, thanks for giving me a laugh this morning by making Rob all silly and happy. I needed that before work. :)

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