Saturday, November 13, 2004

Gift Question

Ok, I don't think the Bride and Groom read my BLOG, though they should, as EVERYONE should :) hee hee!

Anyway, even if they did read maybe they can give me some input as to what they would want as a gift. Which brings me to my question.

I'm going to a wedding soon, and as per usual I've left gifting to the last minute.

What do you get a couple as a wedding gift, when they haven't registered anywhere? I mean, how many vases and picture frames can one couple get? Or Challah Trays and Mezuzahs, as the couple is Jewish.

It's too late to do the art thing, I haven't painted anything I feel worthy of a gift that I would want to give away, and as for Black and White Drawings, well, I haven't started one and they take forever, and I won't have the time to get it framed anyway, PLUS the last time I drew and framed a wedding gift, and I thought it was nice! I never recieved word from the newlyweds that they even recieved the gift let alone a thank you note. So I'm a little wary. Plus as stated above, framing takes too long.

So any ideas, suggestions??? I'm feeling kinda at a loss for ideas and time is running out...

Thanks! :)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, it ay sound a little tacky AND you would only want to give this if you knew the couple well or they unwrapped their gifts somewhere other than the reception, but how about a kama sutra kit? I am unsure what store they would sell them at, but I have seen them new on ebay. They have honey dust, oil of love, etc. and all is edible and yummy (believe it or not).