Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I am happy and sad. I am tired. It's been a loooooong day. And getting longer.

Work was good, but long. One of my burn patients who's been in the Hospital since July went home today. She's doing great. I'm really proud of all the progress she's made. She was a tough case, physically and mentally. But she went home, and well the looks of joy on her and her children's faces, "Mommy's Coming Home Today!!!!" well, it was just priceless.

I got another burn patient walking today. He's been on the vent for weeks, and just started moving, we got him out of bed in the standing frame last week. And today he walked 20 feet. First time out of his room on his own speed. He was SO EXCITED! I was SO EXCITED for him. He's doing really really well, time to ship him upstairs to the Rehab Unit. I think he's going on Friday. WHOO HOO!

I love working with the Burn patients because I get continuity of care, I can form a relationship with my patients. And then when things are getting good and exciting, they go to rehab. It's a good step, and I pop in upstairs and say hi, but it feels kinda empty too.

I saw a 3 year old who got bit in the head by a rottweiler, and fractured his skull not to mention needed reconstructive surgery for the tissue damage. He's lucky his brain wasn't injured. I didn't see him today because he went to the OR the other day, but I have a 7 year old who's Halloween costume caught on fire. He's generally a good kid, but in A LOT of pain and has been difficult to treat.

I had the PT general pager today and it was going off every 3 seconds, I felt like I wanted to throw it against the wall. Although our schedule looked pretty good, pretty well picked up today! YAY!

And one of our therapists is leaving, a REALLY AWESOME person and a REALLY AWESOME therapist, so she'll be missed. We had a goodbyeparty for her today.

And I hit traffic coming home in the dark, in the rain.

And then there's all the comments arguing on my BLOG today, which is kinda interesting and yet kinda stressful and tiring too.

I'm tired. And I have to bake, Rainbow Cookies because, well it's a family tradition, and everyone loves them and is looking forward to them. I love them too. They're not hard to do, they just take forever. So my day is getting longer.

Anyway, time to bake, maybe I'll have time to pop a tape into the VCR and catch up on Starting Over or Dead Like Me tonight. I could use an episode or two to relax me.

Have a good evening all. and Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...


Your posts about physical therapy are very inspiring. We got to know a Physical Therapist who worked with one of our sons for several years (he has CP), and came to very much admire the dedication and professionalism of PTs. I hope you will write more about your experiences, and maybe about what led you to this career (why you chose it and also what was required to get to where you are). As someone else noted, Blog on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posts. Eight years ago I was a respiratory therapist but the burn unit is always in the back of my mine. Terrible injuries! I am soo glad your patients are doing well. Let them know some lady in blogland is praying for them!
Oasis Rain