Thursday, November 11, 2004


I missed my usual lunch today, so now I'm sitting at a computer in the PT office eating and I figured I'd use the free time to BLOG, since everyone else is finshed with lunch and off PTing.

I usually eat between 12:00 and 12:30, but I had a couple of the pediatric therapists wanting to learn nore about what goes on in the burn unit, they see some of the kids on an outpatient basis, or sometimes adults too when they cover the outpatient offices. So they wanted to learn more about what happens earl on in the treatment. 12:00 was the only time they could do it.

That was fine, I didn't mind, usually a treatment takes about 20-30 minutes with the critical, vented patients. This particular patient is currently being weaned from the ventilator, and is more awake, able to follow commands etc. so we can do some active exercise instead of passive range of motion. Well we went in to do exercises and discovered he had had a LARGE poop. So we called in the nurses to help clean him up, change the sheets etc. Well, it was a VERY LARGE poop, and it took almost an hour to clean him up and get the bed all changed etc. And so not to have a lot of people around some of one of the therapists and a student had to wait outside. I mean would you like 5 people in there staring at your behind when you get cleaned up because you're super sick and incontinent??? Anyway it took forever and this poor man was having so much trouble moving and breathing, he was in pain... Needless to say I didn't make him do exercises. He had had enough. And we got a lot of mobility with all the rolling and reaching so that was good. Although I felt bad for the therapists who wanted to learn a bit more about the burn treatments...

And as I'm going upstairs to my lunch I realize I have blood all over my shoes and a bit on my pants. So I clean myself up and now I have a wet shoe and a wet pants leg. And I'm not so sure what to do, I don't mind the bit of pants that's wet, but my sneaker is wet, and I don't want to walk around in a damp shoe all day...I may have to though... Oh well. Poop and blood and wet clothes. I got it all in a day. The joys of working in the hospital. I do love my job but sometimes I wonder. :)

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