Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Sleepy Statement

I'm Sleepy (as usual) and I'm soon going to schluf land, but I wanted to say this. Please note that this post is not meant to start any arguments. It is only to express my thoughts, hopes, and fears.

I am not usually a political person, I don't love the confrontation associated with political discussions, and I don't follow things enough to the letter to feel knowledgeable enough to hold such a discussion. But I do feel that I am embarrassed and ashamed and even disgusted to know that we have to live a long 4 more years with an man I don't trust running and ruining our country. This is not political upset at the election results, but true and genuine unrest in my countries politics and runnings. I kinda want to move to Canada, or some other country right now, for I don't quite understand why and how our country has become so conservative. It seems to me that the Presidency, the House, the Senate are all dominated by Conservative political ideals, and I FEAR that those of use with more Liberal views to life and politics will be swallowed up and won't be heard.

In the next four years our President will likely make more than one appointment to the Supreme Court, affecting the lives of those in our country not for 4 years but for 20 or 30 years. I fear MANY, MANY liberties will be taken away from the citizens of this country. I fear that we are no safer than we were four years ago, as a matter of fact, I feel that we are less safe. MUCH less safe. I fear that this war will escalate to scary proportions, such that a draft will be enacted, such that we will lose more and more and more American, and International lives, military and civilian, and I fear that this war will do no more to "protect democracy" than Vietnam did. I fear the division in our country, and I fear to be a part of it anymore. I have felt duped and lied to, I have felt fear, and sadness. I watched my home city changed forever, and I mourned the lives lost. I have seen the pain in NYC, I have known victims of war and terrorism, I have known the broken families left behind. I know those who deal with terrorism on a day to day basis, living in Israel. Yes, there is a threat to our country, but this is NOTHING compared to what Israeli's live with on a daily basis. Terrorists who attack the US have done it a couple of times, terroists in Israel attack regularly, on busses, in malls, and on the street. Small scale terror that adds up to more lives lost per capita than seen on 9/11. And knowing ALL of these things, I have NOT seen improvements in security and safety, I have NOT seen our president protect my life. I fear life and safety in this country are "walking on eggshells" and I don't like it.

I pray for the confidence to trust in my country, I pray that we will make it through the next 4 and more years. I pray that all those who "exercise just and rightful authority" will make the right decisions to bring us into a future full of life instead of death, happiness instead of grief, hope instead of fear, and peace instead of hate.

"Lo Yisa Goy El Goy Cherev, Lo Yilmado Od Mil Chama"
"Nation Shall Not Lift Up Sword Against Nation, Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore."


Rob Cole said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Remember, we all remained proud Americans even under the extreme embarrassment of the Clinton years. Our country will survive and thrive!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Clinton years were so embarrassing. He was a pretty good president as far as political issues go. He cheated on his wife, as SO MANY men do, and Starr went after him. Personally I don't think cheating on your wife is a political issue that necessitates impeachment. Politically, economically etc., Clinton did a lot of good for this country.

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that you don't talk at all about what John Kerry was promising to do, only about GWB. I guess that is because he wasn't really offering much of anything. As my 10-year old son would say, "the only thing I am hearing from you is blah, blah, blah".

Anonymous said...