Friday, December 03, 2004

Labcoat Pockets

My lab coat has a lot of pockets. Most do. Well, it makes sense if you think about it. Most who wear lab coats have to carry a lot around with them.

Personally I carry around so much that sometimes I wonder how I'm still standing up straight! I have 2 large, two small pockets in my lab coat.

In my left large side pocket I carry pens (multiples of course), highlighter, goniometer, reflex hammer, chapstick, hand lotion, pager (when I'm NOT working, when I'm working my pager is in my pants pocket), and some random keychain I got somewhere that I'm not sure why its in my pocket except it's fun to play with when I have a moment of thinking and fiddling with stuff in my pockets.

In my left breast pocket I carry bandaids, paperclips and a couple of business cards I got from vendors. Oh yeah, and my badge is hanging off of my breast pocket.

In my right large side pocket I carry my stethescope and gait belt. In the small pocket that is inset into my right large one I carry money. We don't have lockers so I carry a small wallet to fit a couple of bills only and theres some loose change in the pocket as well.

When I'm travelling from floor to floor I put my water bottle in my left large pocket, when I'm writing notes or treating patients it sits on whater desk/table is available with my large clip board with my schedule and all my papers and forms and little red book (LRB). The clipboarsds inside is pretty packed actually. When I go to lunch I put my juice bottle in the pocket with my water bottle. Oh yeah and I have a pink ribbon pin on my left collar.

We laugh at work at the contents of all our pockets. Some carry small books, some put their schedule in their pocket, planners, granola bars, sucking candies, post-its, you name it, it's often in there. Sometimes I think labcoat pockets are bottomless pits.

And on that note, it's time to go put on my lab coat and head off to work. Have a good day!

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