Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Silly Little BLOG Post

Well, it's hard to follow up my last BLOG post without looking silly, as my last BLOG post was extremely serious. My Uncle Lloyd is still missing, it's been a week, with no real news. We have gotten something out of EZPass, one days worth anyway, and we do know the he did cross the George Washington Bridge last Tuesday, the night he disappeared, at about 10-1030 PM.

I do urge anyone who may have any information, or if you've seen him or his car to please contact the Suffern Police, or email the address below. This is an extremely difficult time for my family and myself, and any assistance on the whereabouts of my Uncle would be beyond appreciated, and that's even too much of an understatement to be said.

And so I'll follow with as unserious a post as I can think of, because like I said, ANYTHING seems unserious and dumb when you have things like that going on in your life.

My New Fleece Pajamas.

I LOVE FLEECE PAJAMAS! The are so soft and warm and fluffy and YAY for Fleece Pajamas!

A couple of years ago I got a yellow fleece nightshirt from Lord and Taylor. And I loved it. It kept me warm and toasty on those cold NY nights. And Rob like it too. He calls it "Yellow Fuzzy Thing" in his boyish way that always makes me smile. It is always a pleasure to snuggle up together with the softness of fleece. :) Well, yellow fuzzy thing has been washed a lot, and while still pleasant to wear and snuggle up in, it has lost some of its "fuzziness"

Last week I went to Lord and Taylor to buy Rob a Chanukah present, pajamas. He only owns one pair and is always complaining of cold at night because he doesn't have pajamas. So I bought him a couple of pairs of flannel PJ's. While I was there I took advantage of the sales and the coupons and got myself a new pair of fleece PJ's. I usually wear mismatched nightshirts and pants to sleep because I like longer nightshirts and also pants to really keep me warm. And pants come with either too short for my liking shirts or alone. So I buy them separately. ANYWAY, Lord and Taylor didn't have nightshirts in my size but they did have longer length shirts with pants as a set AND they were fleece. SOOOO SOOOOOOFT!

So I have been immensely comfortable this week in my new PJ's. Soft and warm with pink and blue and purple stripes, and such a pleasure to cuddle up in. Rob, needless to say is extremely comfortable also. He loves his own PJ's, and also loves mine. He keeps finding excuses to hug me when I wear them, which I won't complain about because of course, Hugs, are one of life's "cure all's."

And sometimes you need mindless little pleasures such as Fleece Pajamas and hugs to get you through the tough times. The semi-point of my silly little post.

Please keep you eyes peeled and your prayers with my Uncle, my Aunt, and my 2 Cousins who miss their father. Thanks.

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