Monday, February 07, 2005

Superbowl Party and Bottle Caps

Last night Rob and I ventured into Da Bronx to Adam And Laurie's apartment and watched the Superbowl. (well, sort of watched anyway) With friends. It was a fun night. :) I got to see friends I don't often get to see because I live in Bumblef..., I got to watch commercials that cost $80,000 per second, I sort of watched football, I ate and ate food, YUMMY food, I got to play with a baby, I got a rose bush, and I read bottle caps. Read bottle caps???

Well some of the beer bottles had sayings inside of them . Kinda cute and kinda thought provoking. Here are some.

Humor is a Tumor when it becomes Rumor.
Don't Plunder the Wonder
Life is Better in a Warm Sweater.
Don't Yap when you Nap.

I thought they were interesting so I thought I'd share. I had a good night last night. And it was nice to be off today. :) Thanks Adam and Laurie!!!!

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