Thursday, April 21, 2005

Back/Shoulder Pain is STINKY

Yesterday my back/shoulder hurt worse and worse. It REALLY hurts!!!!!!!! ICKY OY!!!

Yesterday I spent my day doing paperwork for the PT department. I was counting all the consults we get and how many treatments and evals and reassessments we have to do, and then putting those numbers into an excel file along with how many treatments and evaluations and reassessments were actually addressed along with how many hours were worked in any given day. And excel came up with a bunch of #s and %s and it allll makes sense why we have to calculate all this stuff thats a pain in the neck every day, it really proves that we aren't meeting the hospitals needs. We can take these numers and show PROOF that we are short staffed.

But I was upset that I couldn't be a PT. I was really hurting. And I was going stir crazy in the office. There's a REASON I didn't take a desk job. And it didn't help that I was hurting worse and worse as the day went on. I was in shock as to how much I hurt. My impression thanks to help for one of the other therapists who's more orthopaedically minded than I am is that I pulled muscles in my upper back, in my scapular area on the right. My rhomboids, and my lower traps. Basically for those of you who have no clue what that means, in my upper back, my shoulderblade and a bit lower, the muscles that help attach my shoulderblade to my back and control its movement. OWIE!!!!! Yesterday after I left work, I went over to the outpatient department and one of the otehr therapists put some etim and more ice on me. YAY for ESTIM! It's a temporary pain relief modality, but it feels SO GOOD when it's on. Like a prickly mini massage. Some people hat it but I LUV IT! Especially in combo with the ice, it really took an edge off for a few hours.

The 3 advil 3 times a day I'm taking isn't touching it. And I REALLY don't want to take the muscle relaxer. DARN CRAZY PATIENT!!! I stayed home today because I hurt and well, I'm no good to the hospital as a therapist anyway... I could be at home and rest, or I could sit at work and do more paperwork. I chose to rest, nice and close to my icepack. I feel a bit better than yesterday, but I'm still sore. And I have SO MUCH more cleaning to do for Passover... I really can't afford to not be able to clean my kitchen right now.... I'm actually in shock as to how much pain I ended up in. I actually glad Ed made me go to employee health and I reported it and all that hassle. I really didn't think it was a big deal at the time, but now I think I really pulled something. It'll heal, and I'll be all right but right now it hurts. And in the meantime I hate not being able to do the things I need to do. I hate having to take off from work, I hate haveing to be stuck doing paperwork when I'm needed as a therapist, when I want to BE a therapist. And I hate that this patient made me this way.

Like I said before, that woman is something else! I won't work with her again. She's not worth the aggrivation and the safety risk and the back pain. GRRRRRRR. Oh yeah and OY!!! OY OY OY OY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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