Monday, April 04, 2005

I was on TV!

Well, sort of. I didn't get to talk or anything, but I was in a background shot shown in the promo for the story. I was partially on News 12 CT for a WHOLE NANOSECOND!

Today I participated in an International Bioterrorism Disaster Drill called TOPOFF3. You may remember me BLOGging about being a part of the hospital's Decontamination team. Well, today we and other area hospitals as well as hospitals around the world participated in this week long drill.

We got fake patients and got them through our decontamination tent. So we got to suit up in out hasmat spacesuits and shower people and shuttle them into the hospital. Well, I didn't really get to suit up. I half suited up. My job today was to be on the "clean" side of things, assisting patients get from the tent into the emergency department. I was actually kind of miffed. I mean, I know everyones job is important and all that, but I came in on my day off to do this drill, and I don't feel I got adequate practice as a member of the team.

But hey, not everyone can do the same job. And next drill hopefully I'll get to work in the tent and feel more comfortable. And it's always a good experience to be a part of these things.

The drill went pretty well. It was pretty confusing and hectic and there are DEFINITELY kinks to be worked out but all in all I think our role went well. We were able to get people through the tent and into the hospital in a pretty reasonable amount of time. And while we can always improve, I truly hope that these drills would remain always as drills, NOT as real life disasters.

As for TV, well such a big Homeland Security project would OBVIOUSLY make the news, and so the local news channels were there filming us suit up and prepare. I'm in one of the shots helping people get into their suits. But my coworkers, and bosses were all right in there on TV. :)

And that everyone is my nanosecond of fame. :)

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I feel safer now, knowing that your decon team is ready for action ;)