Monday, April 11, 2005

My Grandma Sherry

My Grandma Sherry, my Father's Mother, passed away this Friday evening. It was rather sudden, and a blow to my family. She was living in a nursing home though relatively healthy. Friday afternoon she developed chest pain, was sent to the hospital, and before they could figure out what exactly the problem was, she died of what we think was a pulmonary embolism. In other words a blod clot got stuck in her pulmonary arteries blocking the blood flow to her lungs. It was fairly quick, and a shock to all of us.

Her funeral was Sunday, and my family will be sitting shiva the beginning of this week.

My favorite most recent memory of my Grandma was the last time Rob and I went together to visit with her. She wanted to know "When's the big day??" She wanted to know when he was going to propose to me, because I needed to get married. And he was a good Jewish boy so what were we waiting for?? She made me leave the room, she kicked me out, so she could talk to him and find out when we were getting married. It was a rather amusing afternoon.

She, being a Jewish Grandmother, was ALWAYS trying to feed us. When we were little she gave us Peanut M&M's and Potato Chips when we went to visit. When she was in the Nursing Home, she always wanted to feed us her food. She would save the extra rolls and cereal boxes and ginger-ale cans to give to us. Her tray would come and she'd eat some and then say, "Now what do you want? Take some!" We would always protest that she should eat her own meal and we weren't hungry and she would be upset that she couldn't feed us. She kept asking, "Are you sure???" "Do you want some soda? Or some cereal? How about my fish?" Ahhh, the Joy of Jewish Grandmothers...

Her hearing aides never worked and every time I called, I spent more time letting her know "I'm Carie!" "No, not Faith, Carie!!!!" "YES GRANDMA, I'M CARIE!!!!" I'd shout to her. I'd end up with a sore throat but hey, that was talking to Grandma. Again, she became comical in her old age. When Rob and I went to San Francisco and Wine Country she told me "Don't get Schnockered!" and "Ride the Cable Cars!" Well, I didn't do either. Oh well.

My cousins Faith and Marin are each having simchas this year, Faith being pregnant, and Marin getting married. She was SO looking forward to the wedding and she couldn't wait for the baby. She called it "Junior", even though she knew it was a girl. "So when's Junior coming?" She was always asking about hetting her a dress for the wedding, she wanted to make sure it was all in order and would be perfect. She had her specific colors planned out on what she was going to wear, and then she would change her mind. It was pretty cute.

We will definately miss her, I will definately miss her. She was a perty cool Grandma to have.

Here's the most recent picture I had on my computer, At Marin's Engagement Party last summer. Grandma Sherry with her Grandgirls. Faith, Carie, Marin and Stefanie. WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA!!!
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