Saturday, April 16, 2005


Do you ever wonder why women's shoes are so uncomfortable?? Why do they have to be so narrow? And so high?? And so pointy?? Some how I don't think women design women's shoes, because if they did, I think they'd be better made to fit a foot.

I HATE shoe shopping. I hate shopping in general, but shoe shopping is hard. I can't ever find comfortable shoes. I have icky feet. Flat, no arch, extra bones, had surgery, wide, hurting, the works. It's SO HARD to find shoes that are comfortable to wear, and yet still look good. Still look feminine. Still look my age and not like old lady shoes. I mean whose feet end in a point? So why are shoes made in a point? Who is truly comfortable in high high heels? I think women are conditioned to think that shoes aren't meant to be comfortable and we just have to suffer, because that's the way it is. Well I DISAGREE!!!! I want COMFORTABLE, GOOD LOOKING shoes. Unfortunately, the rest of the world and the fashion industry doesn't agree with me.

So to find shoes this year which I desparately need, has been hard. Work isn't the problem. I can wear my sneakers, or my Dansko clogs (The Most COMFORTABLE shoes I have EVER worn), and loafers aren't hard to find flat and wide. It's the dress shoes I have trouble with. The sandals, the pumps, the dressy stuff to go out with. It's SO FRUSTRATING!

So last Friday, on my half day off I went shoe shopping on a mission. To find SHOES. To find sandals, dressy sandals in black, white, brown, tan, red, green blue purple whatever..... Shoes for skirts in whatever color, just shoes I can wear out to a nice occasion. I got one pair. 4 HOURS at the mall and I only go one pair. 2 shoe stores, 3 department stores, and a few regular clothing stores that sell shoes too. I ended up getting an entire outfit actually, at Casual Corner, for my cousin's bridal shower. And they had the shoes. White sandals. Small heel, about an inch-inch and a half, heel enough to be dressy/girly, but not too high to make me uncomfortable, had straps enough to be pretty and make my ugly feet look ok, abut not too grandma-ish, I was perty happy. I SHOULD have gotten them in every color, but my funds are limited, so oh well. I can go back another time I guess.

But YAY for finally being able to find shoes. And OY for the rest of the shoes I need this summer for all the events I have because my wardrobe is pretty basic and limited because I have no $$ and hate to shop.

So that's my blurb on shoes and shoe shopping. My frustrations, and my joy of FINALLY finding something, even though the search isn't over. If anyone knows anywhere to get dressyish/dress casual shoes/sandals for skirts etc that are comfortable, lemme know!!!!

Till then, Ta ta!!


Rob Cole said...

Take a look at Salvatore Ferragamo's shoes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Salvatore wears some pretty wild shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Ferragamos are expensive but so well made that a pump or dress sandal looks good for several years of frequent hard wear. Yeah, I see alot of 60ish and 70ish women wearing them, but they're also wearing designer outfits and handbags. My deal is that if your shoes and handbag are of real quality, you can still look like a million bucks if your dress, or slacks and top are from the outlet store. Stick to a couple of basic accessory colors and your few good things go farther.At least that's what works for me.