Thursday, June 23, 2005

Shoes on the Road

I keep seeing shoes on the road! I don't quite understand how they got there. There was one on the entrance ramp to I-95 from work for ages! A man's brown leather loafer. Just one. Where was it's mate? And how did it get there? On the highway ramp. And then one day it disappeared. Where did it go?

Then I saw another one on the entrance ramp in Stamford I use to get on the highway to get to work. A sneaker this time. Again, how in the heck did it get there? Where is its mate?

I don't quite understand these things. They're just one of life's small mysteries that I for some reason end up pondering.

Sometimes I see a mattress on the side of the highway. That's strange to me too. Who drops a mattress of their car or truck and just leaves it there? Wouldn't you take it with you? And isn't that dangerous? A mattress flying off of the top of someones car? Who bothers to push it to the side of the road? Why not just get rid of it or tie it back up there and take it with you?

Do you ever wonder these things too??

Yes, I know I'm strange. Tee Hee!

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