Friday, July 29, 2005

More Watercolors

I haven't had the chance to post my paintings recently, and I've accumulated a lot since my last posting. So at the risk of making this page really long to load I'm going to post some more. :) ENJOY!! :)

Rob took a photo of a random boy in the park. I thought it was cute. Pretty good for my fist "portrait"

Random Mountain shot. I like the misty look. :)

Tropical shot. I love the way the water came out in this one. Really clear and yet misty at the same time. I like the flow. A happy accident! :)

Random mountains and lakes. Not my best but not my worst either.

Fuzzy photo of a fuzzy sunset.


More Yosemite! This one of the fanmed view outside of Wawona tunnel.

Stone bridge I painted from imagination. Not so bad...

Autumn rain. Nice painting, thought the umbrella is a bit opaque. I used the wrong color paint. I meant to use a more transparent yellow, but ended up with the opaque one. OOPS!

I love the Brooklyn Bridge!

River with grasses. The reflection was hard to do in this one because of the contrasting colors. I had to paint it in and then blur it rather than just drybrush it down. The appeal of the shot was the reflection, so I worked hard to get it to come out well.

Rob and I at the top of Killington. I love and hate that mountain!

Mt fist flowers. Pretty good! :) I painted this one in negative space. My teacher put out the flowers and I flipped out trying to get all the details. But then I took a step back and saw the shapes against the background. I painted the background around the shapes first, and went from there. The key to detail sometimes is simplicity. Thats hard to learn!!!

I LOVE this painting. I couldn't get that resd sunset again if I tried. It was a truly happy accident that my watermark, turned out to my benefit. I love everything about this painting. The sunset, the reflection, the beach, the people, the dog... :)

More flowers. The flowers came out great, the vase didn't. Not everything can be a masterpiece.

From Chicago. I like this scene with the garden and the street in the background. This was one of my first where I REALLYH tried to lighten my style. I tend to paint heavily and I wanted to achieve a more watercolor lightened look.

This one was the photo I took in Chicago with the close up of flowers with the buildings behind. I LOVED this photo. The painting came out pretty well too I think!

The ivy covered building on the Chicago River. I loved the look of the shot, simple and peaceful yet so pretty in an urban sort of way. You don't often see an ivy covered building in the middle of a city.

The Golden gate bridge from the car. My favorite photo from our SFO trip. I love the way the shadowing and shading came out on the bridge. But I couldn't do the cars without them looking like tonka toys. But I still like the painting, it just has a more juvenile childrens room painting feel.

And that's that! More when i get more pictures. Hope you enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

these photos are just magnificient. be proud of yourself--they are truly beautiful works of art!!!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful---very talented person. Keep up the work. Who knows, they may be worth a fortune someday.

ADS said...

WOW! I really like those. You certainly have a talent.

Anonymous said...

Great work!!! When are you going to have your first art show???