Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Student

I got a new student this week. But just for a week. They wouldn't throw a new student on me so soon after the first one/ But one of the outpatient therapists went on vacation, and his student needed somewhere to go for a week, so I got her. Which is fine with me. I actually really like having students around. So I'm glad I got to have her around.

It's a different experience though. First she's only with me for a week. Second she's on her first rotation, so she hasn't had all her classwork yet and doesn't know a lot of the hospital type diagnoses and treatments. And third she hasn't had all the PTA experience my last student had. I think I got spoiled with her, she was such an easy first student. Not that my new student is hard, it's just different. I have to alter my teaching, and give her a lot more help and explanation. Which is fine, just new. I talk a lot. I like explanations, so I assume other people want them too. So I talk a lot. She must think I'm a nut case, running around like a chicken without a head so much and talking her ears off. OY. But fun at the same time. :)

I'm trying to keep to the orthopedic floor, though I dislike spending a lot of time there, but she saw a lot of joint replacements in outpatient, and it's good to give her the earlier stage view. And hopefully I can arrange for her to observe a surgery this week, that would REALLY give her an appreciation for all the therapy needed. It's the one thing I regret not being able to do as a PT student. I wasn't allowed to observe surgeries. The hospitals I was at didn't allow it. Oh well.

I just hope, as I did with my last student, and will with all of them probably is that I give her a good experience. Even though it's just for a week, I don't want it to be the week from hell for her. That would totally be stinky. But it seems that she's having an ok time so that's good!

And that's that! :)

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