Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Elevator Pet Peeve

I HATE it when people start hiting the door open button when the elevator has barely reached the floor! This happens CONSTANTLY at work.

The elevators at work aren't the greatest, they're old, and they lurch a bit, making my already sensitive vestibular and digestive systems do a flip flop. And it makes it worse when people start pressing the open button too early.

What happens: The elevators, as usual, are busy. Someone is in a rush, and they don't like that the elevator stops at most floors. So as soon as the elevator slows down to stop, they press the open door button, in the hopes that it'll speed the process along.

The result: The doors start to open as the elevator is still moving, the elevator lurches, if you're in the front, you can see the elevator slowly rise to the floor level with the doors open. The people who want to get off, wait until the elevator actually stops moving, and it probably takes LONGER for them to leave than if the elevator stopped, and then opened as opposed to opened and stopped. And in the process, your stomach lurches and it's pretty uncomfortable.

Why are people in SUCH a rush? I don't think it saves time, but even if it did, what it would save half a second? Is that REALLY going to make a difference in your day? It's like the people who rush in front of you while driving only to be one car ahead, and then stop at the same next traffic light with you, ending up in the same place anyway, just waiting stopped longer.

I don't really get it. There are some time saving strategies to cut real time, but pushing the elevator key for half a second and makeing others ill is NOT one of them. If you're in that much of a rush and don't want to wait for and in the elevators, take the stairs. I do all the time. It's MUCH faster for shorter distances, 1-3 flights, and healthier. I NEVER take the elevator for less than 3 flights. 4 or more and I'll take it. And at busy elevator times, like lunchtime, I'll take the stairs for more. We often go down (8th floor is rehab, second floor is cafeteria) and all you might get is dizzy, but not too physically hard going down. And we've taken to go up after lunch too if things are too busy. That's a bit of a challenge, but I'm getting better and better at it, ESPECIALLY as I'm getting more in shape. :) And I almost ALWAYS get there sooner than the one who waited to take the elevator. That's what saves time. Not the button pushing.

And THAT is my elevator pet peeve. That and when people take it one floor. DOWN one floor. Unless there's a physical problem which there ususally isn't (I know a lot of these people) TAKE THE STAIRS!!!!!

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