Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Campaign For Real Beauty

I saw this commercial during the Superbowl on Sunday and I loved it. It was so touching and such a great way to express how so many young women and even young girls feel about themselves. About their insecurities and the pressure that society puts on them to be a beautiful that is unhealthy and often unachievable.

I didn't know about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty until I saw the commercial. I looked at their website yeaterday, and it's so imformative and so touching at the same time. It brings back a lot for me from my childhood and all the insecurities that I had then and the ones I still have now. I think it's a great cause, something that should truly be supported by all of us, because I think we can all relate to it, even if only a little.

Visit the website, watch the commercial and celebrate your true beauty, the differing beauties throught the world, and the beauty inside your heart. It is something that is yet another inspiration for me to make changes in my life and learn to love myself and my true beauty. Hopefully one day, I, and all the other women affected by todays society's definition of beauty will see this. And even more, let us continue to work so that our daughters will be influenced by a societal definition that is healthy, whole, and true.

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