Saturday, March 25, 2006

Catch Up

Well, I've been lax again... But I promised a catch up on some stores, so I'll tell some of them.

I had a very cute patient not so long ago. A little old lady, of course. She saw the Star of David I was wearing, and got all excited. "Are you Jewish?!?!?!" I told her I was and she told me that her daughter had married a Jewish man, and he was wonderful. "Everyone should have a Jewish Son-in-Law!" she said happily. And then "Are you married?" I told her I was getting married in October. "Is he Jewish?" I told her he was. "Your mother must be SO HAPPY!!!!" It was VERY cute. :)

I've had a new student for a couple of weeks. She's pretty good. I was VERY spoiled by my first student, she was really great. It helped that she had been a PTA in a hospital for 15 years... :) But we got along well, she meshed well with my personality and teaching style. :) So I was really worried that I would have a bad student. But this one's pretty good. She's REALLY cute too. A tiny little thing with curly red hair and freckles. And we all know how much I LOVE red hair... :) But we get along ok, she works well with me, she's very conscientious, and is getting the swing of things nicely. She's only got 2 more weeks with me and then she does 4 weeks with one of the outpatient therapists. So she's caught along well, is great with the patients, and fits with my teaching. I'm a pretty hands on person, and I talk A LOT, if you haven't already noticed given the length of some of my posts... I do a lot of explaining and conversing with my students, I encourage questions, practice hands on techniques and transfers with them, jump in a lot with just plain STUFF, love to ask them, and I love feedback from my students. This way I can be betterer CI. I do like having students around though. Things are slower and it's work to be so on top of things all the time, but I really like teaching clinically. It's very fun. So I have 2 more weeks with her, and then I have Dorinn's student for a few weeks in May, and then I get another one full time in July for 8 weeks. We take a lot of students. As soon as one leaves, another starts. Which I think is great anyway. Students are fun. :)

Wedding is going well, we've got all the major vendors down. We gave a down payment to the DJ and Videographer last week. They were the last two to get done. All I need now is flowers and an invitation and a Ketubah and Chuppah. And Stoofie needs a dress. :) And I know that there's a lot of little things that will need to be done. But I'm happy all the major things are squared away. And I'm REALLY enjoying working on the invitation. It's coming out beautifully. :) I'm ALMOST finished, and I hope I don't screw the last part up, because I don't want to have to do it all over again! It's come out so nicely I'm afraid it won't turn out so nicely if I had to try it again. But it really has been fun working on it. I'm not sure exactly how to get it all printed, or if it'll cost more or less or be more trouble to do it like this, but I really wanted to personalize it, and I thought this would be a nice way to do that. And then I can frame the actual painting and that would be really special too.

And so, there you have it, a little bit of my catch-up. :)

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