Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Diet Coke Cake

This is the ONLY time I'll ever use cake mix. Otherwise I don't believe in it, I like to do things from scratch. But here ya go.

I know it sounds REALLY weird but this is it.
One box of cake mix. (I like the chocolate)
One can of diet coke. (10-12 oz)
Omit the water/eggs/oil.
Bake as directed.

Calorie count? On the calorie thing on the box it lists 2 sets, one for just the mix and one for the mix baked with the other ingredients. If you use the diet soda all you need to look at is the mix only column.

And nobody will ever be able to tell that you used soda instead of oil and eggs.

Other combos... Vanilla cake mix with coke, lemon, orange, cream,
Spice mix with lemon I hear is good. Chocolate mix with coke, cream, cherry, root beer....
Mix combos as your heart desires.

I made these @ work and everyone LOVED them and didn't know they were "diet" until I told them. :) And them they didn't believe me.

So, there ya go. A nice cake recipe to get rid of all your chumetzy cake mix and soda before Passover starts. ENJOY!!!


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Anonymous said...

haha that's great! The cake sounds delicious.
I'm glad my LJ made you laugh. That's mostly my goal!
Yay 200 days! Shabbat shalom and zisson pesach!