Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Been A Loooong and Busy Week So Far....

Short staffed, 2 therapists out, one with shoulder surgery and the other with wisdom teeth, or rather without wisdom teeth. I'm the only therapist able to do evals and I had a new student start this week, and he's really great, but any student in their first week slows you down so I've been putting in Rob's kind of 10 and 12 hour days. On a quick note before I conk out though...

I had another cute old lady this week. With my new student of course. Background, he's tall dark and handsome. He really is. Very nice guy, great student, and very good looking. My patient was 94ish, and in the hospital for an MI. (Myocardial Infarction. aka Heart Attack) When I was taking her mobility and home life history, she told me she lives in an apartment with her husband.

"I have a husband......He's old like me.....I have an old husband......I'm looking for a new one...... (Points to my student) He'll do!!!!"

How cute!!!! :)
That made our day.

And for all the fainting post-op knee and hip replacement patients I had today (I had to use 3 smelling salts) A great line from one of the nurses. How do you spell Relief? Trendelenberg!!!
Shop talk joke, I'll explain another time.

Nite Nite!!!

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Mr. Maverick said...

LOL. That was indeed cute. Nice blog btw.