Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stick A Kosher for Passover Fork in Me...


I now have the CLEANEST apartment in all of Stamford CT.
No More Chumetz, No more Chumetz..... I miss it already...
Passover... here I come!!!

Anyways, my apartment is beyond spotlessly clean, Rob and I went on a cleaning marathon the past 3 days cleaning and kashering, I cleaned like crazy, covered my kitchen in aluminum foil so that it looks like something out of a 1950's scifi movie, switched over my plates, Moved in the Matzah products and now the sun is setting, and WE'RE DONE!!! WHOO HOOO!
I enjoy the holiday of Passover and the seders, and the family time and the shul time and all that, but I HATE the prep. And not having bread and all other chametzy stuff all week isn't so great either. But, it's one weeek out of the year, and if the Israelites can pack up and leave so quickly for freedom, then I can eat matzah for a week to commemorate that.

All I have to do now is go food shopping for the produce and perishable stuff I didn't get earlier.

So Happy Passover everyone, Enjoy your seders and you shining clean homes. :)

Oh yeah, and here's a cute clip of my Rabbi and his family on the local TV station doing a spot about passover and charoset. YUMMY!!!

The video thing is on the top of the left column menu. "Traditional Seder Meal" Enjoy! And Chag V'Kasher Sameach!!!!

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