Monday, April 03, 2006


Thusday was CRAZY!!! I knew it would be a bad day when I woke up and my radio station had changed. I woke up and instead of Kool 96.7 my local replacement Oldies station to CBS FM 101.1 (which sadly died unexpectedly about this tme last year, to be replaced with obnoxious JACK FM... EWUGH!!!!) I got The NEW 96.7 The Coast! NOOOOO!!!! I think that there are Oldies Station eating gnomes out there on the airwaves. NO FAIR! And with no notice! No mention, no goodbyes, no nothing! Just wake up one morning and the station is different! I don't understand why they don't give out warning, I mean they HAVE to know about it ahead of time don't they? Now I have to go searching for another station to like......

Anyways, I digress. Thursday. I should have turned over and gone back to sleep. But I didn't And at 7AM I got a call from a co-worker to "pre-warn" me that she was sick and calling out that day. OY!!!! We're already short staffed with a therapist out on disability from shoulder surgery! So I rush to get into work because I wanted to get a head start on the schedule... and I dropped a glass and it shatterd all over the kitchen floor. Luckily Rob was nice enough to help me clean it up so I wasn't late. I got to work to discover our per-diem help/replacement for our out on disability therapist called out too. ARRRGH!!! AND our consult sheet was so beyond lengthy, the ortho/neuro surgeons are killing me. 4 joint replacements and 2-3 back/neck surgeries a day... The floor is full and we're going nutso trying to keep up. So let's just say it was a BEYOND busy day.

And I'm a bit slower with my student. She's good but not good enough to be fully independently treating/evaluating patients w/o my standby. SOME patients she can see w/ me seeing another patient at the same time, but mostly she can't. But she's at that in between stage where she's almost independent but I don't want to be/can't be seeing another patient at the same time just in case she needs me. AND she's a student which means that she is, as all students are, slow. So I'm sitting @ the nurses station peeking in at her all the time thinking about how much there was to do and how little time we had.

Luckily our supervisor kicked in a hand a bit WHEW! But it was still a hectic day. I didn't leave until after 6. And I was exhausted from the caseload, the teaching and the nasty rude disgusting man I had had for a patient that week. I'm not going to go way way way into it because it will make me too angry, but I'll say this. The man had a lot of trouble moving, poor balance, poor gait, difficulty with stairs. He absolutely adamantly refused, insistent on going straight home instead of for the rehab he needed, and then continued to be a rude !@#$% refusing home therapy services and insisting that the doctor told him he could go to outpatient. This man was so into his own disgusting attitude he refused to listen to any feedback and assistance we offered him in regards to his safety for a discharge plan or even with suggestions on how to make his mobility easier for him. He was a lazy sack of poop who refused to perform any exercises, and told us no one told him he had to do exercises, walking, therapy, which is BS because he knew from before his ELECTIVE joint replacement surgery that he would need all that. I think he thought that the home to outpatient would be the easiest route, when in fact it's the hardest. He wouldn't listen to the case manager, any of the therapists, or the doctor, and unsafely went home. I don't know why he bothered to have the surgery if he was going to be such a huge excruciating pain in everyones behind. I have never met a patient who was so rude and disgusting to me. Well, if he comes back with a broken leg or a dislocated hip this week, we all know why. But, everything is completely documented and my behind is covered.
So, with more going into it that I wanted to, that just added to the stress of my day. OY OY OY!!!

When I finally could escape (ES-CAP-EEEEEE) from the hospital, I went home and went straight to sleep. And THAT was my Thursday last. The whole week was crazy but that was the worst of it. Hopefully this week will be less hectic at work, because Pesach cleaning is going to kill me @ home... Ahhh Pesach. Cleaning cleaning cleaning... At least I'll get a clean, or rather a spotlessly, amazingly, shiningly clean apartment out of it. :)

More later, time to get back to work.....

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