Sunday, May 14, 2006

You Throw Like a GIRL!!!!!

I joined the Hospital's women's Softball team! Never mind that I've never really played softball before this…. I'm pretty impressed with myself actually. I usually would NEVER do this kind of thing. Join a group with people I’ve never met before who all have a skill I’ve never done before and who are really good at it… It’s kind of scary. Not like my painting classes where everyone is learning and starting out on the same page and just working for themselves. More is at stake here, it’s a team sport and we’re actually playing in a league. But I’m doing it.

I figured it's something new, something mobile, something outdoors, and something to get me out of the house and meeting people. And I need all of those things. I need to get over worrying what I look like and being scared to do things. So I’m trying to force myself into these types of situations so I can learn and grow. I need to do that, even though I’m totally scared and uncomfortable. I once got a beautiful card and it said, “Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.” I have it pinned to my desk at work. And I’m trying to follow that advice.

It's been weird so far, I haven't been able to make it to any practices for one reason or another, and I finally went a week ago Sunday, and they're all really good, all have been playing for years... And I'm the amateur. But they're all really nice, and helpful, and all that. One of the coaches was yelling @ the other, (the one who recruited me to join the team in the first place) that he was upset that he recruited someone who has never played before. So that freaked me a little. But I stuck with the practice and made it clear I’m willing to learn and work and be taught and have fun. Which I am. So they taught me. And I’m learning.

At one point I was told me that I throw like a girl. And one of the other players said “SHE IS A GIRL!!” That made me laugh. One it’s true, and two it was nice that she was sticking up for me. But I sort of expect to be yelled at a little by a coach. And when I got up to try to bat he was teaching me as best as he could because I’m a lefty. I guess it’s hard for a righty to teach a lefty though I don’t exactly understand how. I’m never sure when I try to bat which way I feel more comfortable. So he told me to try lefty. And I was doing pretty well. Getting contact with the ball, not hitting too far, but all were fair balls, and it was nice to know I could actually hit the ball. And then for the sake of trying he told me to try it righty. And I did just as well righty if not a bit better than I did lefty. He asked me which felt better and I told him I felt equally uncomfortable on both sides. So then he got all excited on how he was going to turn me into a switch-hitter and what an asset that would be for the team when I really learned what I was doing. He was really excited. And then I reminded him that an hour ago he was complaining that I didn’t know how to play. And everyone’s response what that he ALWAYS complains about everything and can’t keep his mouth shut. And whoo hoo for me for calling him on it. J

So that was my first softball practice. All this week I’ve been breaking in my glove and practicing catching. I still need help throwing, distance and accuracy, and definitely hitting, but I guess I’ll learn with time. I’m trying not to be intimidated and just have fun. I have my first game tomorrow night, so we’ll see how that goes…

And that’s that. Any tips by the way on how to throw a ball, hit, things to do to practice or get stronger or better, or someone who’d like to throw a ball around with me, I’d love the advice. And wish me luck at my first game tomorrow…. J

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I am impressed that you were able to do this! I would never have the confidence to join a team like that.

I hope you turn out to be an awesome switch-hitter! (BTW, I can also switch0hit, it's a lefty thing ;P)