Thursday, May 03, 2007

Resume Language

I'm getting a new student in June. Which will be nice, i haven't had a student since last summer. I just hope this one is easier than the last... My last student wa s atom of stress and incompetance. And that's tough to deal with in a hospital setting where there are life and death situations that you have to work around.


Our clinical coordinator gave me her file today. Part of the file was her resume so I knew her work experience. (I love this school, they are so over organized, it's great!) I love resume language. I love how anything can be turned around for anything in a resume to make you sound like the best potential hire out there. I do the same with mine, we all do, but I loved these. So way down at the bottom of the work experience section it says that she had been a waitress like 10 years ago when she was in college.

Her Waitress Responsibilities:

Serve gourmet food & wine…. Sounds ok, like a waitress would do.

Multitasked in a fast paced environment…… true, restaurants are definitely like that, but it's starting to be interesting to see how that is played out on a resume

And my favorite

Learned the direct correlation between customer satisfaction and personal salary.

How to get good tips. I love it!!!!

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