Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hello, Mom???

Hello? Anyone out there? Just wondering if anyone is reading this, my BLOG. I'm enjoying writing it, I wanted to know if anyone is enjoying reading it.... Any comments? Lemme know world!!!!!


Rob Cole said...

I'm reading it! Don't I count? :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry time to sign in so you know it's me but it's Rich from school! i am good, plugging along. Hope all is well with you! I know we've had our ups and downs but i just wanted you to know that you should feel honored at how compassionate and faithful you are to your religion and your causes.....Gd is an amazing spirit and he understands that we sometimes cant always be at his beck and call.....if we could then we would be him!!! Your trying and that's all that counts. your fainting spell was just him bringing you closer to him. I hope all is well and just wanted you to know that i didn't forget about ya!

Rich (from Touro)