Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Feeling Betterer

Evening has come and I'm feeling a bit betterer. I had my watercolors class tonight and somehow focusing on the painting made me feel calmer, and more peaceful. I worked on several versions of one painting which was fulfilling to see and fix it all, and there was some good give and take in the class, the professor helped me out more this time and I got a lot of good feedback from him and from classmates on some of my technique. I've never painted before but I seem to have a good feel for it. Apparantly all I need with it is time to grow with the technique. But I guess all anything needs to imporve is time. And then I can sell my paintings for tousands of dollars each and I can pay off all my school loans! WOO HOO!!!

Anyway.... Time made me feel better today. Well, that and some food and water. :) I did break the fast early becasue I was feeling ill, and I did have a full supper prior to sundown, but I feel better now that the day is done. I feel a bit upset still about my spirit, but its better.

I'm glad I went to my class tonight, I wasn't going to but it really helped to calm my spirit. And thank you Rob for your beautiful comments to my last post, I truly appreciate them, and I know I can just walk into the other room and hug you and tell you in person, But I wanted to share the semtiment with the world. I love you as well. Very much.

So, feeling betterer, I know I can do a little more soul searching for my balance in Judiasm. I love Judaism, I love its practice and I love its spirit. I WILL find it and fit it all back into my life again.

Thank you all for listening, for those of you in the internet world reading this. Have a good night, and may your dreams be sweet. :)

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