Monday, July 19, 2004

Monday Over

Well, my Monday is pretty much over. I thought this might be a good complement to this mornings post. I had a pretty good day, actually. Quiet at work. I got there early to do scheduling, which, as we are perpetually short staffed, was minorly frustrating. But I had mostly pleasant, easy going, non-rude patients today. And the ones who may have been rude were too confused to really do any more harm than babble in a mix of Italian and Gibberish. And the good part about getting to work a half hour early is that you get to leave a half hour early. :) So I got to come home, buy food, cook a bit, and relax. And while others unforturnately may have worked something like a 17 hour day today, I think I had a pretty good one.

And the good part of it is though, that while I'm at work, it doesn't SEEM like I'm working. I can't stand getting up int he mornings, but my day usually goes by pretty quickly. I read a chart, make sure I have orders, see the patient, write it up and repeat the process. And I get to meet a million different types of people. Some of my patients can be annoying but some are pretty entertaining. Before I know it it's lunchtime, and before I know it again, its time to go. So that's good then. When I was in High School, someone, (my hairdresser I think actually) told me the best piece of advice I think I've ever gotten.

"Choose a career where you will never have to work"

I like that. Find something you love to do because, if you do it'll never be work. I think I've found that, and I consider myself lucky. WOO HOO FOR PT!!!!!!

So my Monday went by pretty quickly, and usually quick Mondays lead to quick weeks. (or 2 weeks) Tomorrow is Watercolors class, Wednesday is, as my sister says, "Humpday." Thursday is off, and then there's the "non-weekend."

I hope all of you out there in internet land had a good weekend, and a good Monday, and I hope that you have a good week ahead.

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