Monday, July 19, 2004

Weekend Over

Well, the weekend is over. You might say, well, it'll be around next weekend, only 5 days away. Well for me that would be 14 days. And the last full weekend I was off before this one was actually 4 weeks away because I had to work July 4th, which of course fell on my weekend off. I usually work every other weekend, the WHOLE weekend. Which for me brings about so many thoughts and issues.

First there's the Shabbat thing. I don't like working on Saturdays, I miss not having Shabbat, I miss not going to Shul. But I couldn't find a job in the PT hospital world without having to work SOME Saturdays. Well then I chose the job with the MOST Saturdays.

Not that I don't like my job. I love the hosptial, love the people I'm working with, Love Acute Care, and I get days off during the week to make up for the weekends, but those every other weekends are just starting to wear on me. And I miss Shabbat.

I feel out of touch with the rest of the world. I'm working when people are off and off when people are working. So my weekdays off, while good for Doctor appointments, aren't good for seeing your friends who work a normal 40 hour work week with all weekends and holidays off. I mean I live with Rob and I feel like we don't really get to spend time with each other, our schedules are so out of sync.

And why is it that every single weekend I'm working, the weather is perfect, and then it rains on my weekends and weekday comp. days off?

ANYWAY... this wasn't meant to be a negative sounding post.....So what was my point before I started rambling about working weekends... Oh yeah I was going to talk about my weekend off. It was a good one. Not the best, it had its goods and bads but mostly it was a good weekend.

Rob and I went to my cousin's engagement party. it was actually a REALLY nice day Saturday, though hot, it was a nice relaxing day sitting in the backyard with family and friends, eating and talking etc. It was nice. Saturday morning before the party I spent time watercoloring, which was really relaxing. And I got to get up later than 6AM! (It's weird when 8:30 seems like sleeping late)

Suunday Rob and I went to NYC for the day, which didn't quite work out how we wanted it to. I think we sepnt more money yesterday doing nothing than we meant to... We had brunch with a friend, but couldn't figure out what to do afterwards. We tried the Planetarium and the Museum of Natural History but the lines were sooooo long so we just decided to go home. The highlight of being in the city was sitting on the bench in the middle of Broadway deciding what to do, and this homeless man, comes by spouting things about kosher bagels and lox, and shelter, and how women like him because he smells so badly. It was kinda funny, made us laugh, though if you look at the story thats probably behind the homelessmess its kinda sad. The man was probably mentally ill, thrown out of a home/hospital, off his medications, etc. It's so sad at the lives wasted like this...

So, with the lines to long at the Planetarium, and both Rob and I tired, we ended up coming home to CT, and relaxed the rest of the afternoon. So it turned into a pleasant Sunday.

And today is Monday, and that was my weekend. I'm very protective of my weekends, try to make them good ones. I think I mostly succeeded. Spent time with family, Spent time with Rob, Spent time with friends, Spent time sleeping, Spent time being creative. :) And so now it's Monday. I'll be off Thursaday, work the weekend, and then off Monday, work the rest of next week, and in 14 days I'll have a weekend free again.

And so my life goes. More later, for now it's time to get patients out of bed at the hospital. :)

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