Saturday, July 24, 2004

Weekend Again, sort of...

Weekend here! Well, sort of. I'm working this weekend. As you can see, because who gets up at 6AM on a Saturday to BLOG? I DO I DO!!! Although this Saturday feels more like Monday. I was off Thursday, and I was sick yesterday, so I had 2 days to sit around and sleep. Oh yeah and runnnnnn to the lavatory. I did pretty much 2 things yesterday, sleep and run. The sleep felt good, I feel betterer today. not perfect, but betterer.

BUT, Even though my tummy isn't feeling 100% I must go to work. One because I felt guilty enough taking one day off, not that I should have felt guilty, I needed to take the day, I wouldn't have been functional as a PT. But I DID leave the hopsital short ond a Friday, so I do feel a little bad, BAD TUMMY!!!

Two, and more importantly, this is the weekend, and if I don't show, there aren't many to cover for me, PLUS I'm doing scheduling today, and will PROBABLY carry the PT pager(unless someone else is DYING for it.) So if I don't go in there won't be a schedule, and there won't be any therapists to eval. all the patients I would have eval'ed yesterday, PLUS all the new patients for today! So today I will eat bagels and jello and drink tea and get through my day.

And I'll get through tomorrow and Monday so I can have off Tuesday to fast. (Tuesday is the 9th of Av)(More another time)

Although I must say, that while its stinky to get up on a weekend morning at 5:30 and lose you weekend to work, once you're actually IN the hospital, it's actually a pleasant day to work. The hospital is much quieter on the weekends. Yeah there are Dr's and Nurses there, but somehow fewer, and fewer therapists, case managers, administrative peoples, etc. You don't get squashed in the elevators on the weekend, you can go from the 8th floor to the 2nd floor directly and not stop at every floor in betweeen because people are too lazy to take the stairs one floor, DOWN ONE FLOOR!!!
The cafeteria is quiet, there are usually less patients to be seen unless you're backed up from the week, the pager doesn't go off every 2 seconds, it's just plain quieter and you can get more patients seen, because it's quieter. Not so bad.

I hope all out there have pleasant weekends, and that your tummies are feeling well. For me, time for work! :)


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