Friday, July 23, 2004

Hiking Killington Peak

Just got an email from the photo peoples at Snapfish , they posted my latest pictures! I wanted to share a couple of my favorites from the hike Rob and I did at Killington Peak in VT about a month ago. It was a great hike, though the mountain KICKED MY REAR END!!!!

It was a really hard hike for me, but I perservered and kept going, and Rob was awesome, letting me hike at my own pace, not pushing me to go faster. And the climb was worth it, the day was beautiful you could see for miles and miles due to the clear weather, the clouds were amazing, the whole view was amazing. I don't think I've seen a view like that since I was on Massada in Israel. I'm really glad that I didn't quit, and I kept going because that view was beyond worth all that pain. I learned a lot about pushing my limits that day, and what you can achieve when you just slowly and steadily push instead of giving up and hiking back. I would have missed the view of a lifetime.

As a hiker once wrote, "Give your heart to the path, and beauty will come" Now that quote can be used in multiple ways, but that day I trusted the path, I trusted the hike, I kept pushing forward, and I not only received beauty, but also wisdom in return.

So here are two of my favorite pictures.

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Rob and I at the top! The guy who took the picture asked us where we wanted to stand to get the best view behind us. My comment was just take the picture, wherever we stand there will be an amazing view!

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This one is of some of the clouds, The clouds were so beautiful that day. More of them showed up as the day went on but mostly they were of the type that you might find on a child's bedroom ceiling. Again, totally worth the climb to see that view.

Just wanted to share. If you'd like to see more of the Killington pictures (I have a roll and half of them) lemme know and I'll either post more or send you the Snapfish link.


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