Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Annoying Drivers

Why are the people out there such bad drivers? I thought New York drivers were bad, but it's pretty bad in CT too, hmmm, maybe people are just bad everywhere.

On I95 on my commute people are CRAZY! They fly by me at like 90 mph. I think 70ish is fast.... Or they rush to pass me only to get caught between me and the person in front of me, of whom I CAN'T go faster then... So it becomes a whole rush and pass and waste of gas and potential accident with tight merges and speed, all to be 50 feet ahead of where you were.

One time I was in the left lane trying to pass someone in the middle lane who was not just too slow, but too variant, and I felt more comfortable being in from of him. So when I tried to pass him, he wouldn't let me, I was going 72ish, and having trouble passing the guy, because he sped up not to let me. THEN, this guy comes up behind me at breakneck speed, flashing his brights, riding my tail, throwing his hands up in the air, FLIPPING out because 72ish wasn't fast enough for him. Normally, I would have just gotten over and let him pass, but I was neck and neck with the guy in the middle lane who wouldn't let me pass him, so I had nowhere to go.

So the Royal Jerk behind me pulls over all the way to the right lane, passes the middle guy on the right, comes all the way back to the left lane, gets in front of me, and then slams on his brakes to 55. If my reaction wasn't so quick, I would have hit him. And then he stuck his hand out the sunroof, gave me the finger and sped away. Now let me ask you, what did all that accomplish? He got ONE car length in front of me. And in his anger to "get back at me" he almost caused an accident.

Monday, I was on Northern Blvd. On the Queens/Nassau border on the way home from my ENT appointment. It was rush hour and CROWDED! I was at this light, and it had recently turned green, and all the cars had sped forward and ended up blocking the intersection because they couldn't go any further because of the traffic. I refuse to do that. I HATE getting caught in the intersection when the light turns red again. One, it's dangerous, two it just causes more traffic. So I wait. And the lady behind me is PISSED. She's BLOWING her horn and BLOWING her horn and BLOWING her horn, practically sitting on it, waving her arms, screaming at me, practically having a HEART ATTACK because I wasn't going to get caught in the middle on a red light. She didn't want to miss the green, and she was too impatient to wait for another red. Meanwhile, I went when there was space for me to make it through the intersection, she rode my tail the whole way, and we both made that green light. Now she FLIPPED out, all to maybe be up a few hundred feet from where she was if she missed the light, and she ended up in the exact same place she would have ended up if I had gone forwards when she wanted me to. But I wasn't going to take that chance of getting caught...

I think people like her piss me off more than the speed demon above. It's those people who are in such a stupid rush in traffic that they weave and cause accidents and make traffic worse, or they move into entrance ramps because they see "another lane" and then create more of a merge, and more traffic, all to get MAYBE one car length ahead. Now someone please tell me; what's the point of the rush?????? And is it possible to eradicate these speed demons and heart attack rushers from the roads so we can all just have pleasant rides to where we are going?? Somehow thought, I doubt there's an answer, or a solution to either question...

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