Monday, August 09, 2004

Tonsils Update

I went for my second opinion today with my Mom's ENT. Well, not her personal ENT because he's on vacation, but one of his partners. He basically told me what the other guy told me only muuuuuch betterer.

I have those tonsil stone things, they're called tonsoliths. And my tonsils aren't cleaning themselves out well, and theta why they have white bumpies. So all that's the same. But he did a strep culture which is negative, AND he said I don't need my tonsils out. THANK GOODNESS!!!

He said he RARELY takes adult tonsils out unless its absolutely necessary, because it's REALLY painful for an adult, they don't bounce back as easy as kids. So he said it IS an option, but one not worth doing at all. Not unless I'm in tons of pain all the time and I can't swallow, and I can't breathe etc. He told me to rinse and gargle with half water half hydrogen peroxide, and gargle with just water after eating. And he said that should clean them out. And he told me not to take the antibiotics, because I don't have an infection, so why take antibiotics, ESPECIALLY, so much antibiotics. AND he recommended an ENT in CT, a competent one.

I mean, the other guy was practically ready to schedule me for surgery, he gave me unnecessary antibiotics (this is how we get bacterial resistance...) and he barely even looked at me. This guy was really nice, really explanatory, he looked at my nose, my ears, my throat, he took a strep culture, he even looked down my throat through my nose with this light thing.. That was SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!! Now I know partly how my patients with nasogastric tubes feel. But he was thorough and have me a competent answer instead of telling me to live with it or have my tonsils out.

So I feel betterer.

Ok, off to bed, Sleepy for me, and my 3 day weekend is over, time to go back to work tomorrow, it seems like FOREVER!!!
WHOO HOO for good ENT's!! WHOO HOO for not needing my tonsils out!!!!!

Nite nite everyone!

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