Sunday, August 22, 2004

My Sister

My sister is coming for a visit! YAY! Stefanie and I haven't always had the best relationship. I guess sharing a room and having two completely different personalities does that to you. But it's betterer now that we're not living together and we're going to have a sleepover tonight and go to see the Princess Diaries II tomorrow. :) We see all the teeniebopper chick flick movies together.

Me and my Sis! Posted by Hello

Stefanie calls me Care Bear. Pretty simple, yet clever derivation of Carie. :) Sometimes she calls me Carila. Once, she got all excited and called me Cari-Lou-Bell-Head. That had me in Hysterics for ages!

I call her Stoofie. Basically when I was younger, I wanted to call her Stupid without getting in trouble. I called her Stoopie. And I swore up and down that I WASN'T calling her stupid, it was just a nickname. But my mom made me switch to Stoofie, so it was less sounding like stupid. And boy did that nickname stick! Her friends called her that, its her screen name, etc.

When my sister was about 3 years old, she bit herself and told my mom that I bit her. I was in serious trouble, until my mom looked at the bite marks and saw that they were too small to be mine. (I was about 6 at the time)

I don't remember this, but I've been told that I told Stoofie one time that she could eat out of any hole in her body, not just her mouth, so she stuck a raisin up her nose.

When Stoofie was in Jr. High School, she was out with her friends and some guy came up to her and asked her if she was my sister. She said yeah, and then he proceeded to say what a B**ch I was. So in return, my sister (GO HER!!!) Slapped the guy across the face, and said, HEY! Nobody calls my sister a b**ch but ME!!!!

that's me and Stoofie!

Me and Stoofie reliving our childhood at the Bronx Zoo Posted by Hello

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Carie :) said...

My sister is Carie is totally and utterly groovy. I should know best because I am STOOFIE! The only thing that is wrong with her is that in her blog she forgot to mention how wonderfully beautiful I am. This was a travesty along with the fact that she has no pictures of me hanging up in her apartment. I know, I know, how can the apartment look remotely good without any, but it looks pretty good. I suggest however, that you wait until the pictures have been hung before you visit. So anyway, if you enjoyed my comments you should read my best selling novel(s) that have yet to be written. But don't worry, I have started and Brian (the coolest, hottest dude around-who is in love with me) said it sounds very good so far. Okay, that is all I can say at this moment because we are all going out for SUSHI which is delicious if you have never tried it. OKie-I-Love-You-Bye-Bye!!!!