Saturday, September 11, 2004

Saturday night

Today Rob and I went to shul! YAY for a free weekend and being able to go to shul!! We went to Temple Beth El in Norwalk, which is a nice shul. I think it's the one I like best so far in CT. The Rabbi is great and nice, and the people are very friendly, but the spirit during the davening isn't the greatest. There could definitely be more emotion and singing, and spirit. It's kind of a shame. But it's the nicest of all we've been to in CT. So we went there and I was pretty happy. It was actually much betterer than the last time I was there. The last time the service was so rushed and emotionless. But it was good this morning. I miss being able to go to shul so much, and I miss having that spiritual home in my life. I do miss the shul I went to when I was in PT school. I miss the people, who became my family for Shabbat and thr Holidays, it was really great when the Chazan was still there, he was so great and friendly and musical, his family invited me for Shabbat lunches, for Passover Seders... it was just wonderful to have him around, he brought such a spirit in song through the service. But even after he left everyone was already like my family, I miss them there. We went to visit 2 weeks ago for services and it was so nice to see everyone. :)

Anyway, so we went to Norwalk, and it was a good morning. We came home and I took a nap and then Rob took a nap, with some Squishing/Cuddling/Together quality time in between. Then I went through some San Francisco stuff, (I'm SO EXCITED FOR THIS TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!) doing some planning, and then I made supper. So we had a nice, but quiet, and restful Shabbat. I liked it. I love being able to go to shul, I love having that spiritual release. And it's so nice to just nap in the middle of the day with a light blanket and the window open... and reading through San Francisco stuff always excites me.. It was a very pleasant afternoon. :) Now it's Saturday evening, and Hmmmmmm, what to do... BLOG!! :)

Rob and I aren't too sure of what to do with ourselves tonight. So right now I'm blogging and he's listening to Ella scat. Probably the best female singer of all time, her scat is something amazing to hear. :) dobedondodo... And the cool thing about jazz and scatting is that its all totally random and improvisational.

Tomorrow is a probable hiking day for us though we're not so sure where yet.

And I only have to work 2 days next week!!! Then up to VT for Rosh Hashana! I'm so happy to be going to VT, I really like it up there, it's so peaceful, and just a nice place to celebrate the New Year. I'm looking forward to it. :)

And that's my Saturday night so far. Quiet day, quiet evening. I like that. :)

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